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CW Botanicals, Mary's Nutritional's & 4 Corners Cannabis all seem to have consistent, lab test verified, high-quality products – from my research.

I find it odd that this post is stickied, yet contains zero info on where to buy legit cbd oil. Can anyone chime in with a recommendation?

I was told about NuLeaf but haven't tried it

OK I'm going to sticky your post on the top of this subreddit because it's been asked so many times. Unfortunately I have no recommendations for you as to what to buy. The market is completely saturated with snake oil products. There is little to no regulation happening in this market, and therefore the producers of hemp CBD products can put literally anything they want into their products including spice. Your best bet is to get the real version. It's still obtainable online, but not through any legal services so I can't outright recommend this method to you.

It doesn't necessarily have to be your personal experience but just your opinion on why kratom should be kept legal. This includes the fact many pain and addiction sufferers have benefitted from this plant, along with how the AKA has collected the science to prove that kratom is a safe, effective substance.

I am a kratom and cannabis product consumer, and the FDA is trying to ban kratom internationally by illegally persuading the WHO by putting it into a schedule 1 status. We have 60k comments and want to make it to 100k. The kratom community has the backs of all those who consume plant alternatives, as we have the right to our own autonomy. If you know anyone or have personally benefitted from kratom, please leave a comment and share the link below.

Please help keep this plant legal, and it will further help keep other plant medicine alternatives legal.