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Originally a fishing village that did very well in trading, Amsterdam got its name from ‘Amstel’, a river in North Holland that was used as a dam to control flooding. Soon the city’s name was modified from Amstel Dam into Amsterdam. Following a quick montage to the Dutch Golden Age in the 17th century, Amsterdam became one of the most important ports in the world and the leading centre for finance and trade in the Netherlands. The beginning of the 19th century has arranged a remarkable period of development, where many new neighbourhoods and suburbs were built together in one harmonious, modern city. Until the present era, Amsterdam’s economy has observed rapid progress in ICT (Information and Communication Technology), stock exchange, tourism, and pharmaceuticals.

Modern Amsterdam is characterised by its panoramic canals, stunning museums, a hippie community for foreign travellers, and green transportation systems that feature its very own cycling culture. Beyond being one of the most liberal and sociable towns with an impressive economic climate, Amsterdam is also home to unique Dutch cuisines and massive shopping points.

Amsterdam CBD Map

Normalising the cultivation and trade of legal cannabis is regulated by a series of ‘tolerance criteria’ for shop-owners to strictly follow. For instance, the Dutch law mandates that CBD products shall be tolerated with a maximum THC level of 0.05% only. Otherwise, these products shall never be sold nor used anywhere in the country. While rules and regulations have made a conservative turn, the CBD market continuously flourishes in the Netherlands and Amsterdam. As a primary point of sale, the city is reputed to provide a wide variety of CBD products to tailor to every consumer’s needs and interests.

The exact quality that makes Amsterdammers so unique is their personality and style— they’re not afraid to go their own way. It comes from the culture of freedom and a relaxed atmosphere that is found in the city, supporting an environment of creativity and self-expression. If you want to experience everything that Amsterdam has in store, it is no brainer to take a tour of the whole city and find out for yourself the real deal about its liberal and bohemian culture.

Multiple research into some of these growing bodies of evidence is in progress. For now, what we know about CBD’s potential benefits is the anti-epileptic properties that it might contain. Studies showed that CBD for epilepsy was effective in reducing the frequency of seizures in patients who suffered from two different types of epilepsy among children, including Dravet Syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome. Hence in 2018, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has carefully considered the endorsement for Epidiolex, the first FDA-approved drug that contains CBD.

The Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety (NVWA) hasn’t made any such changes yet. Still, the Ministry of Health said that they’re working together with the food authority on further decisions around CBD regulations.

Here are a few tips that’ll help you avoid harmful or illegal products.

The cultivation of industrial hemp with less than 0.2% became legal in the Netherlands in 1999 after the European Union (EU) encouraged member states to grow hemp by giving them subsidies.

What is The Opium Act?

Marijuana is a term used to describe Cannabis sativa plants with high THC concentrations. Most European countries treat any cannabis plant as marijuana if its THC content exceeds 0.2% (this limit can vary from one country or region to another).

The oldest recorded use of cannabis in the Netherlands dates back to the Neolithic period (over 2200 BC). During the medieval ages, Europeans (including the Dutch) used hemp for textiles, shoes, ropes, ship sails, and paper, and they also started discovering and recording the plant’s medicinal properties.

Currently, you can legally buy CBD foods and food supplements with 0.05% THC.

Despite the prohibitionist Opium Law on hemp and hemp-derived oils, CBD is tolerated in the Netherlands and treated as a legal product. If you want to buy CBD, there are three rules by which you should abide: