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cbd oil mlm business

This is the company I finally decided on because I am based in Spain and wanted to source as local a product as possible. They are a relative newcomer to the market if you compare them with Hempworx and Kannaway, but they still managed to get shortlisted for the World CBD Awards in Barcelona 2019.

This is the only company I can give you a direct testimonial for as I have used the products myself – CBD oil for my ADHD and pet pastilles for my dog.

Genius Hemp CBD

I love the fact their ECHO project “…provides cannabinoid product donations as well as financial assistance to families in need.

Below are four CBD MLM companies I found while doing my research:

As I mentioned before you will find good and bad reviews for each company. Each one has success stories so ultimately you have to do your own research and decide which one is the best fit for you based on their product line and business opportunity.

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