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cbd oil luxembourg

Concerns have been raised over the cost of treatment. Health spending in the country is among the highest in the EU, with an average spend of €5,000 per person. This is considerably larger than the EU average of €3,000.

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It’s not known exactly when hemp and cannabis entered Europe. However, archaeological evidence suggests that hemp was being used in China and Greece. The Vikings of Northern Europe were known to have used it too, meaning it’s likely that it was present in Luxembourg around that time.

I have always been against the legalization of cannabis. It’s an addiction that should be treated in clinics, like this – profoundtreatment/. Such a person is unpredictable and dangerous to society.

Homeopathic, Vegan & many more.

Little steps help to contribute to the environnement.
Crafting, exploring and flourishing into a ”healthy’’ Business.
Nature and Hemp offer us an infinite number of possibilities.
It is one of the oldest cultivated crops that exists, with a history
that dates back 10,000 years and an usage that goes beyond
our imagination. We want to show you how great this is!
Go hand in hand to promote what Mother Earth has to offer and
show you the flip side of what mainstream media wants you
to believe. Most of our products are organic, fairtrade and vegan.
We provide you a wide range of; Food, Textiles, Drinks, Pet Food,
Supplements, Alcoholic Drinks, Accessories, Cosmetics, Books and
many more. Collaborating with little productions and entrepreneurs
all over the globe ! This is our dream and our way to contribute to a healthy lifestyle for you and our planet. Our inspiration knows no limits 🙂

– Use less Plastic
– Reduce meat consumption
– Take care of every living being
– Eat more fruits
– Pay more and buy less
– Enjoy some minimalism
– Something good happens?
Pass it on!
– Donate what you don’t need
– Help where you can
– Donate Blood

Healthy, Fit, Green, Sustainable, Vegan, Hemp, Natural,

Take care of yourself and in progress you will discover a lot of new things to do.