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cbd oil legal in malaysia

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It’s believed that cannabis has been cultivated in Malaysia for centuries. There’s not much evidence to prove exactly what the ancient Malay people used it for, but it seems likely that the plant was used for practical purposes, such as woven fabrics or food. Historians also believe that it was valued for its ability to relieve asthma in rural parts of the country, and that Arab traders were using it as early as the 8 th century BC.

In 2015, the controversial case of Muhammad Lukman made the national newspapers. Lukman, aged 29, was given the death sentence for possessing and distributing cannabis oil (which contained high THC levels). His patients claimed that Lukman was supplying small dropper bottles of the oil for $10 via a Facebook page, and that he had given away bottles to those who couldn’t afford to pay for them.

Cannabis history

Despite this development, most political parties in the country adopt a hard-line approach regarding cannabis possession and use. As such, it seems unlikely that recreational use will be legalised any time soon.

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In 2018, the government briefly discussed the medicinal value of cannabis, with Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad suggesting that the law regarding its cultivation would be reviewed. Experts predict that introducing industrial hemp for medical purposes would be a challenge, given the strictness of Malaysia’s current cannabis laws.

Even growing a single cannabis plant in your home can result in a life prison sentence. However, while personal use is still viewed as a criminal offence, the Malaysian government have been openly exploring the option of reintroducing industrial hemp production into the country.

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Minister of Water, Land and Natural Resources Dr. A Xavier Jayakumar told Bloomberg in an interview on 26 September that cannabis should be allowed to be used for medicinal purposes.

Malaysia has been labeled as one of the world's toughest countries when it comes to drugs, after two foreigners were sentenced to hanging in 1986 for transporting heroin.

1. Marijuana is classified as a highly dangerous drug across the world, including Malaysia

Here's the testimony of Kelsey Darragh, producer of Buzzfeed on using medical marijuana to handle her chronic pain:

People who travelled to Malaysia in the 1980s were greeted with this warning at airports.

Despite its classification, the medical use of marijuana has already been proven in recent studies. A study by the US National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) earlier this year revealed that two components of the marijuana plant are actually helpful for medical purposes.