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cbd oil legal in iowa

But what about medical marijuana patients?

Unfortunately, Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller decided to ban CBD oil for those who are not suffering from a medical condition. In other words, it’s illegal to sell and buy CBD products locally without permission.

We’ll start with the legal affairs and then we’ll point you in the right direction to finding a reliable source of CBD.

Marijuana CBD Oil in Iowa

What’s legal there and what’s not?

The state of Iowa has a scarce medical marijuana program. In 2014, Iowa’s lawmakers passed Senate Bill 2360, allowing the possession of CBD oil with a THC concentration of less than 3%. The CBD laws in Iowa were expanded upon during Governor’s Terry Branstad cadency under House File 524 in 2017.

Although the laws regarding cannabis are tight in Iowa, there are still plenty of options for getting CBD oil into your hands. The state is slowly making progress with its medical marijuana laws, but it seems as though further amendments are far off into the future.

You can buy marijuana-derived CBD oil in Iowa if you have one of the following conditions:

What if I don’t have a permit?

Due to the strict laws regarding CBD oil and marijuana in Iowa, shopping online is almost always more convenient than trying to find a reliable local supplier.

Is CBD Legal in Iowa?

Senate File 2313 would have raised the limited on THC content in CBD oils and expanded the definition of eligible medical conditions.

Despite this statement, CBD shops are popping up in Iowa and people continue to purchase CBD. How’s that possible, you ask?

Another problem with the unregulated CBD market is that companies are making false claims about their products. The Journal of Regulatory Science has found that many of CBD products sold over the counter contain no CBD at all.

Confusion has surrounded the legality of CBD sales in Iowa since the passage of the Iowa Hemp Act in 2019. Fortunately, House File 2581 has been introduced. It is an attempt at clarifying the fact that stores in Iowa can be allowed to sell hemp products either produced in Iowa or out-of-state. They must comply with the Iowa Hemp Act as well as US Department of Agriculture regulations.

Hemp products such as fiber, cordage, cloth, plastic, particle board, paper, paint, and fuel can be produced legally. Section 7 of the Iowa Hemp Act provides clarification that CBD derived from hemp can only be added to products intended for human consumption to an extent that’s consistent with the applicable federal law.

Iowa Attorney General Weighs In

The answer to the question, ‘Is CBD legal in Iowa?’ is still not very clear. This is why making online purchases is a more preferable option to buying from a physical store in Iowa. Here are other advantages of making your CBD purchases online:

Iowa Senator, Brad Zaun acknowledged the fact that the original Iowa Hemp Act used language that was confusing to both law enforcement officials and businesses. While the bill was far from perfect, it was a step in the right direction. The bill was modeled after a similar one that was passed in Texas back in 2019.

The FDA has also stated that it is unlawful to market products containing THC or CBD as dietary supplements. The agency has provided detailed guidelines for regulating cannabis and cannabis-derived products such as CBD.