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As always we like to look at Reddit to see what that community thinks of the CBD companies we include in our reviews, and Celtic Wind is no exception. On Reddit it seems that there is a mix of reviews – we found this thread pictured above which claims that Celtic Wind CBD oil is a scam, however the user seems to have deleted the submission. Depsite the deletion, many users have upvoted this thread. This Reddit thread is actually still open, so we’d love to see someone from Celtic Wind or Lloyds Pharmacy jump on there and respond to this.

So for our own Celtic Wind Review- we picked up a bottle of the 500mg Celtic Wind CBD oil from our local Lloyds Pharmacy a while back and gave the oil a try. Honestly, it was ok and did exactly what was expected.

If you trust the word of Celtic Wind, then you’ll need to take the gamble but if you are like us you should maybe check out the list of our recommended CBD oils: you will find something you can trust for sure.

What does Reddit think of Celtic Wind CBD oil?

Everybody loves to go in on a big company that has either made a mistake or is down on its luck. For that reason we didn’t really want to write a Celtic Wind review with every other blog looking for blood…. but, you’re reading this now so it is fairly obvious that we changed our minds (on the review writing front).

Look at the executive’s page: they do not seem a trusty bunch. More like a room full of wall street bankers (yes, with a b).

What is more upsetting is that the company is blaming industry standards, rather than taking any kind of responsibility – it casts further doubt on an already misunderstood industry and it is hurting the industry as a whole. All of us that spend time in the CBD world know the trick of the trade and know that the industry is still young and properly unregulated. Holland & Barrett/ Jacob Hooy were also caught out- it shows that there is a great industry-wide issue.

Before you even think about buying Celtic Wind’s CBD , check out our list of the best CBD oil in the UK.

First time I've ordered online direct from the manufacturer. Fast delivery, minimal packaging. Will order again.

Quick delivery was very impressive – first time using the product so will have to use again before reviewing effectiveness.


Quick delivery was very impressive – first time using the product so will have to use again before reviewing effectiveness.

We make 100% natural, cold-pressed CBD Multi-Complex Hemp products that are notified with the FSAI and are completely safe and legal.

Find out what independent and industry-standard testing we carry out so you can trust that our products are safe and fully compliant.

Celtic wind in the UK is a popular product for those new to CBD. Due to its simple and clear packaging. Furthermore, with their top down integration its often not hard to find a good deal on Celtic Wind UK due to their cost effective and streamlined manufacturing process.

Celtic Wind are one of the few fully top down integrated CBD Brands in the UK and EU. This means they hold total control over the entire production process of their CBD. Made form Hemp Grown in The Cooley mountains, Ireland. Then Processed in Ardee, Ireland. So only the highest quality controlled Irish CBD reaches the selves in the UK & Ireland.

What’s Makes Celtic Wind Crops Stand Out?

Established in 2012, Celtic Wind entered the EU and UK market to capitalize on the growing interest in Hemp. Their goal was to offer a sustainable high quality product in Europe. With quality control standards in mass production of CBD, which are not commonly found. With a key focus on growing hemp without the use of herbicides, pesticides or fungicides. Simply put Celtic Wind Produce 100% natural hemp in the temperate climate of Ireland which is perfect for it.

Celtic Wind Canna-Curcumin Capsules

Celtic Wind CBD oil a great value oil with great consistency. Available in 3,5 & 10% and being multi complex oil with over 150 compounds including omega 3,6 & 9 CBD, CBDA, CBG, CBGA & CBC you get a lot for your money. Alongside this if you want a stronger oil you can get a stronger oil with Celtic Wind CBD UK. Making it a great starting point for a new user on their CBD Journey.