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What if I don’t have a permit?

The state of Iowa does have a VERY limited medical marijuana program.

Is CBD Legal in Iowa?

On the bright side of things, Iowa has approved five dispensaries in the state as of 2018. You will need a permit from the Iowa Department of Public Health to purchase at one of these locations. Unfortunately, the state has only issued approximately 400 permits, so it may be a little difficult to get one for yourself.

Iowa already has a Hemp Act signed by Gov. Kim Reynolds on May 13, 2019; the same authorizes farmers to grow hemp. Well, not yet. The act is waiting for final approval by the United States Department of Agriculture. Once approved, the law will come into force before the end of 2020.

If you’re able to get your hands on one of the few medical marijuana permits available by the Iowa Department of Public Health, you’ll be ready to visit one of the five dispensaries opening in December 2018.

But first, a quick disclaimer:

However, if you insist on buying from a local store, make sure to fully research and check on the CBD brand before you use it. Look for these specific items:

CBD Oil in Iowa

We have a list of some popular licensed dispensaries that you can buy from in Iowa. Checking them out could give you some good results.

Thanks to the farm bill, hemp is fully legal due to having a low THC content (THC is the product that makes you high), marijuana based CBD oil (using the cannabis plant) has far more THC inside of it, and it is illegal to sell or possess recreational marijuana in Iowa.

While both of them are available in Iowa, one is easier to get than the other. We’ll get to the legalities in a second.