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Of course, in recent times it has been more widely known as a Class C recreational drug and, while it’s claimed to ease conditions like MS, users in the past have had to make illicit purchases. It is now available on the NHS if you can get a prescription.

However, a Dutch company also offered their version of the oil which uses an advanced carbon dioxide extraction process. More lab tests showed this time the product lived up to the promises of quality. The result is a bespoke product called CBD One produced exclusively for Nick’s business.

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The oil has become popular in Garstang and there is much anecdotal evidence from people saying arthritic pain has been diminished or even eradicated, sleeping patterns improved and a couple of people have said it has helped with their cancer treatment. One also claimed to have experienced the same effect as you would get from conventional ‘pot’ but as there is no drug in the oil that’s left Nick a little puzzled.

‘All our products are sold as food supplements so we make no medical claims. But there is a growing appreciation for CBD and its apparent vast array of uses towards maintaining a healthy balance within the body,’ said Nick, who also has a business in Barnoldswick.

The oil is thought to interact positively with receptors in the brain and the nervous system regulating many different functions such as the immune system, appetite, mood, pain and memory. It is water based and can be applied orally via droppers, added to food and drinks or inhaled. Prices start at around £40.

CBD One is importing the product, which is legal, from the Netherlands and also signed up to the Cannabis Trade Association (CTA) – the industry’s regulatory body.

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is one of 113 active compounds within the cannabis plant, legal in the UK, Europe, and USA.

A ‘˜cannabis shop’ is coming to Garstang high street . but it’s not quite what you might think!

And whilst the positive medical effects of CBD are not entirely known, customers have already praised CBD One’s unconventional products.

Wendy, from Barnoldswick, said: “I had been taking citalopram for anxiety for two years but have been able to stop using it since I began taking Signature Blend No 1. I feel fine and my anxiety has finally gone.”

“This chemical isn’t linked to the cannabis ‘high’ and is safe for people to use, so it might be helpful for alleviating certain symptoms of these disorders without having unwanted side effects of cannabis.”