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cbd oil for toothache

CBD acts as a nutrient for the oral microbiome. The presence of CBD oil contributes to healthy bacterial diversity. In one study where a dental plaque was collected from patients and treated with active compounds in laboratory dishes, CBD did better at reducing plaque colonies than several types of toothpaste.

Now let’s examine the link between CBD and toothaches.

CBD for Cavities and Tooth Decay

For example, a study published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary medicine found that a combination of CBD treatment with psychiatric care resulted in 91% of patients reporting a reduction in symptom severity, with an average decrease score of 28% (7). However, it’s important to note that the study had its limitations. Namely, the trial was open-label, meaning it was conducted without a placebo group. Thus, it’s hard to determine the actual efficacy of CBD without a controlled group.

Fortunately, you can fix the dry mouth with a few simple tricks. You can drink more water or use a mouthwash to facilitate saliva production. Gum containing xylitol also increases the amount of saliva in the mouth. Steer clear of tea, coffee, and alcohol, as they are known for making the dry mouth worse.

Every time you eat food, the byproducts are metabolized by the bacteria in your mouth, which leads to lower pH levels. This can contribute to the demineralization of the teeth, which is how cavities form. Eating and drinking too often prevent the teeth from re-mineralizing or re-building their structure. Unfortunately, CBD isn’t able to directly stimulate remineralization because it’s not a building block for the process.

Medical marijuana has been used for treating numerous conditions but with the legalization of CBD, CBD products are becoming more and more popular with general use. There are even CBD toothpaste and CBD rinses for everyday oral health which is very interesting. If you’re still skeptical then read on as we’ll show you why CBD is good for your dental health.

You can determine if you have odontogenic pain by identifying the source. If the pain is localized on your tooth or if you’re being very sensitive to either hot or cold stimuli, then it could be odontogenic. Additionally, the pain can be triggered by chewing or biting.

CBD and Tooth Pain

According to the American Psychological Association [4] , stress is known to weaken the immune system. CBD isn’t just for pain relief as it has other helpful health benefits as well. Quality CBD can help with recovery and strengthening the immune system as well by reducing stress.

Transparency is also something to look out for as some products CBD may not be tested by a third party. Lastly, you need to check the price tag as well. As some CBD products might be a little more expensive than the others.

The condition is well known for its sharp and shooting pains in your tooth resulting from the inflammation of your pulp. The most common form of dental pulpitis is tooth decay which according to the article is experienced by 60% to 90% of children worldwide.

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Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is a chemical extracted from hemp plants that doesn’t give you a high and can be used for pain relief. While there have not been many tests or studies done on using CBD oil for oral pain, you can still try using it to see if it works for you. Start by choosing a high-quality CBD oil product for the most effective treatment. After that, apply the oil directly to your tooth or swallow the product to start feeling relief. Just be sure to talk to your doctor before starting CBD and discuss long-term treatment with your dentist!