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cbd oil for stomach ulcers

When these bacteria spread across the stomach, they cause inflammation, which can eventually turn into ulcers. H.pylori contributes to 70–90% of stomach ulcers.

Another potential side effect — when you take high doses of CBD — is a temporary drop in the blood pressure that can make you feel dizzy and sleepy. While this may be the desired effect among those who take CBD oil for insomnia, some people may feel tired after taking high doses in the morning. If you don’t want to feel sleepy after taking CBD oil, use lower doses to boost focus and productivity while still receiving a gentle calming effect.

Potential Causes of Stomach Ulcers

Another potential reason why people may feel sick after taking CBD oil is the carrier it has been suspended in.

While you may not see the direct effects on your stomach lining, you can certainly experience relief from nausea, pain, or inflammation.

Abdominal pain is the most common symptom of stomach ulcers. Patients describe that feeling as a burning or gnawing sensation that typically occurs 2–3 hours after having a meal or at night. It usually begins in the central abdomen but can spread to the chest, back, or belly button.

Ultimately, you want to buy medical marijuana based on laboratory testing, which gives you the exact amount of CBD & THC.


The combination of CBD & THC in a strain like Gorilla Glue at one medical marijuana dispensary may be completely different than the combination of CBD & THC in Gorilla Glue at another medical marijuana dispensary.

Typically, I’ve found is that neither CBD Oil nor Medical Marijuana are effective for conditions like Gastric Ulcers or Gastritis.

Why does CBD Oil bother my ulcer? Does CBD Oil heal ulcers?