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cbd oil for epilepsy in dogs

CBD comes from a hemp plant, which is part of the cannabis plant family. However, hemp is not the same as the cannabis everyone assumes it is. While cannabis can get you high, a hemp plant is different because it doesn’t have enough THC to cause those psychotropic side effects. Instead, hemp can be used to treat pain from a head injury, offer relief from pain, and provide you with a way to manage your dog’s symptoms from seizures in dogs.

You also will want to do some research. As fast as you learn about CBD dog, there is new information coming forth. The sheer speed at which research is coming out is mind-boggling. It’s essential to learn as much about it as you can, what is a suitable type of oil, what is the best CBD oil for dogs, and which delivery method you feel is best for your pet. There are treats, edibles, drops, and more that you can choose to give doses to your dog.

The Many Treatment Options for Dogs with Epilepsy

The first thing that you should do, especially if your pet is receiving treatment for any medical issues, is to speak to your veterinarian. Because you work with your veterinarian as a team for your pet’s health, you should both be on the same page. Find out what your vet thinks about using CBD oil and get his permission first.

Luckily, CBD doesn’t have that impact on the brain, but it still has many of the same medicinal uses as marijuana. Dogs, however, cannot have tetrahydrocannabinol. It’s toxic for them, so you should avoid THC products. High quality CBD, however, is safe for them. So far, there have been no documented ill-effects from the use of CBD for dogs, or humans for that matter.

With such a small amount of THC, hemp is considered free from it because this value is considered a trace amount. All canine CBD products are free of low quality ingredients and any related toxins.

Given that there’s still no definitive proof that CBD is an effect epilepsy treatment, what does McGrath tell pet owners and veterinarians who ask if they should give CBD to epileptic dogs?

Turns out the answer was yes.

McGrath says one thing’s certain: “It gave us the data that we needed to [justify] a bigger study.”

McGrath acknowledges that the numbers are good, but she’s a little disappointed that they weren’t better. “We did have significant reduction in seizures in the treatment group as compared to the control group, but we didn’t quite hit our mark,” she says. The control group showed a 33% median reduction in seizures. “We really like to see a 50% reduction and we didn’t get there.” But she remains upbeat: “Hopefully this study has shown that CBD does have potentially anticonvulsant effects.”

“If you want to try it, it probably won’t hurt,” McGrath says. “But do we know it will help? We don’t.”

Once the study was completed, the 9 dogs in the CBD group and the 7 in the placebo group who remained were included in the analysis. Dogs in the CBD group showed a significant reduction in seizure frequency compared with the placebo group. While the CBD group showed a greater range of response to the treatment, the proportion of dogs showing any response was similar in both groups.

“I see a lot of epileptic patients,” says Stephanie McGrath, DVM, MS. “It’s a very heart-wrenching disease. It’s very hard to watch dog have seizures. It’s very hard to coach owners through the process. It’s very traumatic.”