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cbd oil for dogs with cancer australia

Whether CBD is taken through its various forms and the different routes of administration, CBD reacts with the human body’s endocannabinoid system and pain reception. [ 1 ] As the body’s endocannabinoid system or ECS is responsible for regulating the body’s sleep-wake cycle, immune response, CBD is seen as an inhibitor or activator of other compounds in the ECS. [ 2 ]

As of now, there is no clear recommendation as to the efficacy and the safety of medicinal CBD oil as used with canines and other animals. More studies are currently being done to understand the effects CBD may have with dogs, both for short term and long term usage.

How does CBD work?

There is a great number of clinical studies made with CBD to test its effectiveness given the different chronic conditions common with humans and its promising benefits to become a potent natural alternative to synthetically-produced medications that are prescribed for long term use. However, this scientific research on CBD is still not enough to thoroughly prove that cannabidiol is indeed safe and effective as a commercial drug to be sold out in the mass market. Especially for other health conditions, such as cancer, tumours, schizophrenia, multiple sclerosis, and diabetes, CBD has undergone several clinical trials to prove its beneficial effect for the said disease and ailments but all evidence is still needing more studies and further research.

As Australian veterinarians have the discretion to prescribe cannabis products for pets, note that these products currently available in the market contain very low levels of CBD. It is legally sold in the mass market with very low CBD concentrations to avoid substance abuse and to be safe from toxicity and overdose, as explained by Phil Brain who is a practising veterinarian and a proud member of the Australian Veterinary Association or AVA. Brain also states that AVA keeps an open mind on the matter but they strongly advocate for products which have been thoroughly tested.

Both CBD and THC are naturally existing in the cannabis plant and both are believed to have potent qualities that can be beneficial to the body. CBD stands for cannabidiol and it can be extracted from the hemp plant similar to THC, which is an abbreviation for tetrahydrocannabinol.CBD or cannabidiol is a chemical compound that is extracted from the Cannabis sativa plant. As a naturally occurring substance, the administration of CBD gives a relaxing and calming feeling. Because of this effect, CBD is seen as a relaxant for muscles and even as a potent anxiety medication for patients with chronic conditions. [ 4 ] On the other hand, THC or delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol hails from the same origin as CBD and can be considered to be from the same family. THC, however, comes with a strong psychoactive side effect when taken as it induces euphoria, commonly referred to as “the marijuana high”. It is due to this psychoactive effect that THC is listed as a controlled substance and is considered illegal in many countries all over the globe.Without the unwanted psychoactive effects of THC, CBD is seen as a promising substance to be used to battle several chronic medical conditions. As it retains the cannabis plant’s beneficial aspects, CBD is proven to be non-psychoactive and it does not alter the patient’s mental alertness even when taken in large doses. [ 5 ]

David admitted Australia had been slow off the mark when it comes to utilising medicinal cannabis, but he said it’s “for the right reasons”.

It’s not a medication, but Australian-listed company, Creso Pharma, has registered a hemp-based product that you can feed your pets to help them with chronic stress and ageing. That’s been registered through the European Union’s regulatory body, called the European Feed Material Registry.

To ease Muttley’s discomfort, the vet suggested Tim and Tina try something a little bit controversial – medicinal cannabis oil.

Aussie company taking Europe by storm

I thought I’d heard it all, until I’d heard that."

In September last year, Muttley’s human parents Tim* and Tina* got the worst news possible. Their beloved 12 year-old American staffordshire terrier cross was dying.

“For some reason, this is a new taste he’s developed after we’ve given him the hemp oil. He absolutely devours an entire bowl of ice-cream.”

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Vets in Australia can prescribe cannabidiol as a Schedule 4 drug for patients under their care with the following conditions:

Here I provide answers, assessing CBD oil by the same standards we use for any other medicine. Let’s start with a short explanation.

Is CBD Oil Legal For Pets?

Gamble, L. J., Boesch, J. M., Frye, C. W., Schwark, W. S., Mann, S., Wolfe, L., … & Wakshlag, J. J. (2018). Pharmacokinetics, safety, and clinical efficacy of cannabidiol treatment in osteoarthritic dogs. Frontiers in veterinary science, 5, 165. Full Article.

Regulation may be partly to blame for this, but it isn’t wholly a bad thing. The situation in the USA, where CBD oils are easily available, is one of very unreliable drug levels and even some dog products with undeclared THC.

We apologise for this conservative approach. It’s quite likely that other vets will be happier to prescribe more liberally.