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cbd oil for dogs veterinarian

According to Dr. Andrea Carlson at Southlake Animal Hospital, "Your traditional vet may not recommend CBD for several reasons. These include:

Cannabidiol for pets is derived from the hemp plant, which is a type of cannabis plant species, but it contains less than 1 percent THC. For example, the plant containing THC is Cannabis sativa C. The plant scientists ‘squeeze’ the extract from for CBD oil is Cannabis sativa L.

Mostly positive experiences

Dr. Rowan now incorporates CBD products into nearly all his patient's treatment plans.

Encouraging interest and educating the public is necessary to help people understand the benefits of cannabis. We have seen many people, in various fields, go from being highly against cannabis to a type of sponsor encouraging its use.

The lack of available research.

And this, as I hope you’ll agree, is absurd … Your veterinarian, the person who, outside of you, knows your pet best and has the medical, physiologic, pharmacologic, and other knowledge necessary to provide you with the best advice and guidance about using CBD for your pets can be disciplined by their state board or even have their license, and thus their very ability to work and earn a living as a veterinarian, suspended or revoked for discussing, recommending, or prescribing a CBD product for your pet … but the kid (or even adult) working at the local pet store, behind a stand in your local mall, or just commenting on a Facebook post can do so without repercussion. (At least for them. For you and your pets though, as mentioned above, there can actually be significant repercussions.)

Finally, please share this post with your friends, family, and co-workers, as the more people who are aware of this and making calls, the better. In the meantime, and until these changes to the laws and regulations are made, please understand if your veterinarian is reluctant to discuss the use of cannabis in your pets with you. As you can see, their hands are kind of tied.

This article also isn’t an implied or tacit recommendation for you to try CBD for your pets, which is important for two very specific reasons:

CBD isn’t always benign or completely safe for pets. Here’s why:

  • CBD can possibly interact with other medications and/or supplements that your pet is currently receiving. Which ones, you might ask? It’s a great question. The honest answer is that we don’t 100% know. Why? Because research into the effects, safety, efficacy, and even drug interactions of CBD has been, shall we say “stymied” because of the archaic and puritan laws surrounding marijuana, hemp, and its derivative products in this country. In people there are a few known or suspected drug interactions between CBD and a variety of different classes of drugs, including certain anti-epileptic drugs, blood pressure medications, antidepressants, and others. For pets though, we sadly just don’t really know for sure.

You can also help encourage Rep. Earl Blumenauer to work on passing these changes by retweeting the tweet embedded below. Rep. Blumenauer is a leading advocate for improving the cannabis laws in the US, and he recently had an important amendment related to cannabis passed in the US House. With any luck, we can piggyback onto that recent success of his to improve the laws and regulations related to pets and cannabis.

In most other states though, even in states like Oregon, Colorado, and Massachusetts, where marijuana (for people) is legal both medicinally and recreationally, the practice of a veterinarian discussing, recommending, or prescribing CBD for their patients is still not technically legal, or is murky at best, and could potentially result in board discipline or even license suspension or revocation.

Please tell me how this makes any sense at all?

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