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cbd oil for dogs nz

Benefits of cannabinoids for dogs, cats, hamsters, pet mice, guinea pigs, rabbits and so many other furry mammalian friends are so crucial to their well-being that it’s crazy we haven’t already started adding hemp oil to all pet food (and human food for that matter).

We pride ourselves on supplying kiwi’s and their furry family members with the highest quality full spectrum hemp oil available on the market. If we can’t do that, we don’t believe we deserve to be supplying.

So, next time you pull out a bottle of hemp seed oil for yourself, why not add a drop to your furry friend’s bowl, too?

Benefits of Hemp Oil for Dogs

Hemp oil is also antimicrobial, assisting with the fight against bacterial and fungal infections on your pet’s skin. These same benefits can be activated for your pet internally, with Veterinarian Dr Edward Bassingthwaighte finding that these compounds found inside hemp oil can help improve cardiovascular health by reducing the ill effects from impaired blood vessels, reducing heart rate and lowering blood pressure.

The ECS is also responsible for the management of pain and inflammation in the body, including chronic pain, joint inflammation, and inflammation in the digestive system. Arthritis is especially common in some dog breeds as they age. Certain large breed dogs are more prone to arthritis and decreased mobility.

Wondering if there’s a pets hemp oil? In this post, we’ll be sharing all about hemp oil for pets!

Let us take the opportunity to thank you for reading this article by providing you with this discount voucher off your first purchase of hemp oil for pets, so you can see the benefits of hemp oil for dogs or cats (or any other little furry friend you have in your care).

Export opportunities, they anticipate, will be significant, particularly to Asian countries where New Zealand’s reputation in quality health products is strong. Helius is also the first cannabis company in the world to be licensed New Zealand Grown through Buy New Zealand Made.

“Our R&D is underway, our product concepts are established, and all the regulatory work is progressing well. With Helius Animal Health now funded and in full swing, we’re only months away from getting a range of premium pet supplements to market, with cannabis focused products to follow,” says Leila de Koster.

“Pets are family members too. Animals suffering from arthritis or anxiety, for example, may well benefit from natural, New Zealand Grown and manufactured cannabis and hemp products,” says Mr Manning.

The new entity comes as Helius announced in February it had raised a further $20m from private investors. The 100% Kiwi-owned company has attracted the most investment in New Zealand by far, achieving a market capitalisation of $105m.

“To have high-quality, locally-produced therapeutic cannabis products readily available in New Zealand will be a game-changer for many Kiwi pet owners, desperate to alleviate their companion’s pain and suffering naturally,” he says.

Local company, Helius Group, is launching New Zealand’s first ever medicinal cannabis for pets’ product range with the establishment of Helius Animal Health. The new business will operate alongside the country’s largest medicinal cannabis company, Helius Therapeutics, at its East Tamaki headquarters in Auckland.

“As medicinal cannabis is set to become more widely accessible for human patients, we’re delighted that New Zealand’s many suffering companion animals are set to benefit from this plant’s extraordinary potential,” says Mr Manning.