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cbd oil for dogs austin tx

Austin and Kat began at home when I first started baking with hemp and CBD to help Brady, my beloved Retriever cope with the changes of old age. I never imagined my homemade hemp bites would improve the lives of so many pets (and owners!) across the country.

my home kitchen. became a bakery!

We combine the healing powers of natural botanicals with hemp to create solutions to give our furry friends the healthiest and happiest life.

The naturally occuring cannabinoids and terpenes found in hemp work together in all sorts of fascinating ways to help your four- legged family members run, romp and roam to at their best

Hemp is federally legal. We ship to most states. Check your State. CBD Smokables can be ordered from one of our Colorado distrubition centers as of 9/14/2020.

Retail store is open.
Curbside pickup available.




Get the perfect products to help calm your pet’s anxiety. TIP — Offer the smallest dosage first and work your way up, with 1 milligram per 10 pounds as a starting baseline.

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How to Give Your Dog CBD Oil Treats
There are two primary forms of CBD treatment for dogs: tinctures and treats. The easiest of the bunch are treats, but both have benefits and potential. Let us explain the differences. We’ll begin with the easiest — dog treats.

Just like us, bacteria is a living being. Naturally, harmful bacteria will spread. Depending on what these microbes are, we (and our dogs) will develop a health condition.

“All disease begins in the gut.” Those are the famous words of Hippocrates, a Greek physician born in 460 B.C. With time, we learned that inflammation was the root of many diseases. Based on inflammatory responses in our gut, bad bacteria grows.

In the meantime, CBD works two-fold. Studies have shown that CBD is a strong anti-inflammatory. Seeing as inflammation is the cause of so many conditions, CBD may cause the symptoms to almost disappear!

We love our pets. This goes without saying. In fact, we’d rather spend the day with them than many of our two-legged family members! Yet, when our less awesome two-legged family members need care, we would bend over backward to see them comfortable. The same kind of love should be shown to our four-legged babies too. Now that CBD products are legal in all 50 states, our dogs can also benefit from the same relief that many humans did in 2018. Here’s how CBD products can help your dog find their inner pup again!

Many of the benefits of CBD for dogs are the same as the benefits of CBD for humans. However, their bodies are a bit different. As a responsible owner, you should understand how CBD works on a bigger scale, and then cut it down to a smaller scale for your fur babies.

The body is equipped with a load of these receptors. However, a good portion of them can found in critical areas including:
– Under skin
– Facial tissues
– Peripheral nervous system
– Immune cells