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cbd oil for colds

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Lauricidin (monolaurin) information for preventing colds, immune system function, and safety.

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Smoking and vaping may cause more discomfort to those with cold symptoms like runny nose, cough, sore throat, and sneezing.

The compound engages with various receptors of the endocannabinoid system , which may explain its ability to reduce inflammation and chronic pain .

Despite the positive outlook, there are no direct studies made on CBD and colds. This lack of scientific data makes it difficult to determine if the compound can effectively alleviate symptoms of the illness.

CBD Dosage for Colds

In one study concerning CBD for anxiety, 25 mg to 175 mg per day of CBD was used, which elicited sufficient clinical response (18 ) . The study’s researchers also found that CBD was well-tolerated, with only a few reported side effects .

Meanwhile, a study on respiratory viral infections mentioned that the activation of CB2 receptors led to anti-inflammatory effects in the body (10 ) .

Zinc intake within twenty-four hours of symptom onset was found to reduce the duration and severity of colds in healthy subjects (15 ) .

Experiencing a runny nose , sore throat , cough, congestion, headaches, sneezing , mild fever, and body aches are some of the symptoms of colds.