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cbd oil for cerebral palsy

Cerebral palsy cannot be completely cured but there are many traditional modes of treatment such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, pharmacological treatment and surgery available. Recent research studies have shown how CBD oil can also help with the symptoms of cerebral palsy. In our body, there exists the endocannabinoid system which regulates our immune system, inflammation processes, pain sensitivity, muscle contraction and relaxation and many other. CBD oil stimulates this system. Therefore, the use of CBD oil helps reduce symptoms such as spasticity, chronic pain of joints and muscles and seizures. One of the symptoms of cerebral palsy is speech disorder due to muscle discoordination. These patients might develop stammers and stuttering which makes it unable for them to communicate with one another further deteriorating their quality of life. CBD oil has been found to be very effective in this case. Patients with cerebral palsy might also develop depression, anxiety and sleep disorders. CBD oil is found effective in alleviating these symptoms as well.

Cerebral palsy, a disease of abnormal movement and posture, is a lifelong neurological condition that affects a child’s brain at birth or within early years of life. It affects an individual in variable ways and can be very debilitating in extreme cases, to which there is no cure. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a fast growing industry due to its beneficial effects in many physical and mental conditions. Currently there is research backing up the use of CBD oil to help with the symptoms of cerebral palsy. Is there any truth to this? Read on to find out my take on this topic.

Can CBD Oil help cerebral palsy?

Like any other product, CBD oil also has side effects. It is not advisable to take these without the proper guidance and prescription of healthcare professionals. Especially since it could react with other drugs that are being used for cerebral palsy. The brand, route and dosage of CBD intake is variable and should be decided by a professional. Since CBD oil is found very effective in control of seizures, some may decide to completely stop the normal medication and replace with CBD oil. This is not advisable. It must be done with careful monitoring and a gradual manner. Furthermore, antiepileptic medication can cause liver failure in the long term. And one of the rare but serious side effects of CBD oil is also liver failure. Thus patients must be carefully monitored. Another side effect of CBD Oil is its sedative effect which are exacerbated with the use of alcohol and other depressants. They can also cause stomach problems like diarrhoea and loss of appetite. CBD oil can calm down an overactive immune system which is ideal in certain situations, but can be dangerous if the patient is immunocompromised, which patients with cerebral palsy tend to be leading to recurrent chest infections. So when the patient develops an infection it is best to seek medical advice.

CBD oil like Endoca generally contains no THC

Patients with cerebral palsy experience muscle spasms which can be painful and also very debilitating. Their muscles tend to be rigid with locked joints as a result of these spasms. Continuous involuntary spasms can lead to development of contractures which are permanent disorders of joint alignment that can only be corrected by surgery. To prevent this, it is important to reduce the occurrence of muscle spasms in these patients. As CBD oil stimulates the endocannabinoid system, which in turn regulates muscle relaxation and contraction, muscle spasms can be controlled in patients with cerebral palsy with the use of CBD oil. Sativex, a drug that is prescribed in multiple sclerosis to control symptoms of musculoskeletal system is in fact a synthetic form of cannabis, which in turn shows the effect that CBD oil can have on the musculoskeletal system.

Hi, I live in Ireland, and I have triplets, 12 years old, and one of my daughters have a mild cerebral palsy, with spasticity in her legs. Now, she is in puberty and she is complaining about the pain in her legs, joints, knees, and she is walking worse, I believe her body is trying to streech because the puberty , I would like to know how the CBD can help her? CBD oil is available in Ireland, but I dont know whats the best for her: oil, cream, tablets?? Can you guide me please? I really need to help her! Also she is having panic attack and anxiety episodes.
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Marijuana is thought to have two main active compounds with medicinal properties: THC and CBD. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the psychoactive compound most-commonly associated with “getting high,” while cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-psychoactive compound generally associated with downregulation and anti-anxiety.

While many families have an understandable fear of potential legal consequences, in many cases, their number one concern is the health and well-being of their child. If you have questions or are considering this treatment option, speak to your child’s doctor.


Medical marijuana has recently become a hot-button issue in America. Many people tout the medical benefits of marijuana and CBD oil with regard to cerebral palsy and/or seizures, but is it right for my child?

While there is still much controversy regarding whether or not the potential medical benefits outweigh any potential health risks, many families are desperate for any relief — especially when it comes to a child suffering from frequent seizures.

Because THC can impair cognitive function, it is generally not recommended for use on children except in rare circumstances. On the other hand, children with cerebral palsy may benefit from CBD oil in a number of ways.

As with any type of medical treatment, you should always speak to your child’s doctor about the potential risks and benefits. Marijuana may show promise, but it is not always recommended unless other treatment options are ineffective or insufficient — especially when it comes to young children.