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Use the 500mg CBD oil tincture daily and be consistent for optimal results. Focus is to be taken sublingually (under the tongue) for the most effective absorption into the bloodstream. It is recommended to keep the oil under the tongue for a minimum of 30 seconds for best results. You should always read the ingredients of any products or consult a physician before taking any of our products. Everyone has different levels of absorption, so it is important to experiment with dosing when you are first introduced to CBD oils. We encourage you to start with a smaller dose, such as 4 to 5 drops per day and work your way up. There is no standard dosing guide available by governing laws, so it is encouraged to use to your discretion. A good tip to remember when identifying the maximum dose is too much CBD oil has been consumed when you feel drowsy. When taken daily, the endocannabinoid system is being nourished and as a result, the body begins to work in a balanced state. Make Focus a part of your morning supplement routine or infuse your breakfast smoothies for a kickstart to your day. Leave Focus in your desk drawer at work and use it as a midday pick-me-up to combat that brain fog. Where you are, Focus can help you get to that balance state your body needs. Start balancing your mind and body today with Calyx Wellness! If you are looking for more information how CBD can benefit you, visit our learn or blog page for our collection of education material!

Focus is one of our best sellers, delivering a mid-range dose of CBD for overall health and pain management. This 500mg CBD oil concentration is a great dose to manage everyday muscle and joint pain with its anti-inflammatory properties. Focus is a go-to for women’s health, including pain management when suffering from menstrual cramps. Containing 16mg of CBD in 1.0ml of oil, Focus is a great dose for improving mental clarity and reducing headaches from everyday stresses. It is common to have our daily routines packed with a mix of work and family responsibilities and Focus helps you to concentrate on getting your tasks done more efficiently. Not only does Focus help with concentration but also gives the immune system a kickstart to build up against the common colds and flus. Keep Focus at your bedside to help improve your sleep cycles and give you a more long-lasting, feel-good sleep*. Don’t forget to bring Focus to that weekly yoga session to calm you down and keep you flexible by relaxing the muscles. The 500mg CBD oil should be taken daily for optimal results. All of Calyx Wellness CBD oils are made with high-quality, hemp-derived CBD and produced here in Canada! A great tool available on the Calyx Wellness website is our CBD buying guide*. Our CBD buying guide will help with understanding concentrations and which product will be best for you. Calyx Wellness takes pride in being Canada’s first CBD boutique, bringing you only the best high-grade CBD products available!

“I have been taking Calyx CBD Focus for about six months, to help manage my anxiety and chronic pain. Taking it daily has significantly reduced the occurrence of anxiety attacks, without taking any other medication for it, and has reduced the amount of pain medication I take. I won’t go a day without my CBD! I feel more like “me” thanks to it.
Thank you for making such a great product :)”

How to use Focus 500mg CBD oil

As the name suggests, acting on an impulse is mostly fidgeting. Easy irritability and not being able to sit still are some of the common symptoms of this category.

This type deals with both impulsive and overly active behavior. As the name suggests, the symptoms of both, impulsive and inattentive type are mixed in this category.

The composition is similar to all the other CBD oils, cannabidiol being the main component. This component works its magic when it attaches itself to the endocannabinoid system in the human body. Strengthening the mind, adding to mental agility and boosting concentration levels are some of the wonders that this product offers.

How does CBD work?

With all the information above, it is safe to say that CBD oil is a savior when it comes to focus and concentration. Choose one of the best CBD Oil for focus and concentration that we have reviewed above to resolve any issues you might be having.

The company follows a proper eco-friendly process of hemp extraction utilizing carbon dioxide in the process, which maintaining the product’s freshness and potency. Their Colorado farms are a reliable source for all the high-grade hemp used in the products.

Veritas suspends its hemp extract in coconut oil – it increases the efficacy and makes for a light formula. Staying true to its promise of natural products, they use organic stevia instead of artificial sugars for adding a sweet touch to the oils.

Make sure that the source plant is 100% organic. There are a few companies that make sure to add a label to the product to show that the product is organic. This organic label will help you to know that the plant was free from all artificial intervention.