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Filter presses are one of the most effective ways to extract CBD oil from hemp plants to serve this growing industry. Learn more here… Global Filter has the knowledge, experience and product line to provide solutions tailored to the CBD Oil filtration process. Proper liquid filtration is crucial to producing high-quality, pure, and safe cannabis extracts and cannabis products like cbd oil, hemp oil, and cannabis sativa oil. Adjust color and ensure high-grade cannabis product. Find the right filter equipment and filter media for products like medical marijuana extracts or cbd oil at ErtelAlsop.

Filter Presses and CBD Oil Extraction from Hemp Plants

No doubt you have heard about CBD Oil. CBD stands for Cannabidiol and is an extract of the hemp plant which does not contain the “buzz”-inducing “high” associated with THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol. THC is the main psychoactive cannabinoid in cannabis. CBD is not psychoactive, unlike THC.

CBD Oil is typically used for health-related and wellness-related reasons, rather than for recreational purposes. CBD Oil is an increasingly popular natural remedy used for conditions such as for pain relief, reduction in anxiety and depression, fibromyalgia, arthritis, diabetes, treating side effects of cancer treatments, and a variety of other conditions. According to Forbes, The Hemp Business Journal estimated that the CBD market will grow to a $2.1 billion market in consumer sales by 2020. CBD Oil is also being marketed for man’s best friend, canines.

COVID-19 Update – During the global coronavirus pandemic, consumers’ usage and spending on CBD products have increased, not surprisingly. (Hemp Grower, based on Brightfield Group Report, July 2020)

Using Filter Presses to Extract CBD Oil from Hemp

Did you know that filter presses are efficient and effective solutions for helping extract and produce high-quality CBD Oil from Hemp? Micronics offers a variety of smaller filter presses – our 470mm, 630mm, and 800mm – that are well-suited to helping extract CBD from the hemp plant. Our focus is always on helping you ensure quality, reliability, and efficiency.

Micronics is pleased to discuss filter press solutions for your CBD process, whether Supercritical CO2 Extraction or Biomass Removal via Ethanol Extraction. You know your CBD process and we know filtration!

Your filter press will need to be designed to your exacting specifications and process considerations and Micronics can help. This may involve a stainless steel manifold and tri-clamp fittings (food-grade) for easy disassembly and reassembly. Learn more about Micronics’ deep materials of construction expertise for your specific slurry.

Micronics’ 470mm, 630mm, and 800mm filter presses are all reliable, safe, and easy to operate and maintain. Plus, we offer expandable press models so that as your business grows, we can easily support your added throughput.

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Micronics knows liquid-solid separation and has a high degree of experience in a diverse range of filter cloth and filter press applications including edible oils, breweries, wineries, and various biotechnology and pharmaceutical applications.

Benefit from Micronics’ expertise today! The liquid-solid separation process and ensuring the final product is free of contaminants – including plant debris – is very important. With the growing CBD products market, quality and reliability are very important differentiators. We get it: Not all CBD oils on the market are created equal.

Contact us at Micronics to discuss your Cannabidiol (CBD) oil extraction needs including replacement filter cloth for your existing CBD Oil Filter Press such as for a 470mm, 630mm, or 800mm press.

CBD Oil Filtration

Global Filter has the knowledge, experience and product line to provide solutions tailored to the CBD Oil filtration and production process.

Global Filter provides solutions to CBD oil processing

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a chemical compound found in the cannabis plant that is becoming increasingly popular as a remedy for many common ailments. Despite its dramatic rise in popularity, processing cannabis to extract pure CBD has remained challenging. There are a number of common processing techniques utilized, all of which require varying levels of mechanical separation and filtration. Global Filter has the knowledge, experience, and product line to provide solutions tailored to each individual CBD oil extraction process.

CBD Oil Extraction Typical Process Flow

Optimizing the CBD Oil Production Process

There are a growing number of extraction processes being developed. Some are new technologies, but most are iterations of existing techniques. As a result, there are an increasing number of engineering companies developing systems specifically targeted at CBD and oil recovery, many of which are being patented. A typical CBD Oil extraction process is defined in this infographic along with filtration stages.

CBD Oil Processing Literature

CBD Oil Application Brochure

Global Filter designs and manufactures vessels and filter products used in the CBD Oil industry. Learn how our solutions can optimize your CBD Oil production process.

Products for CBD Oil Extraction

Selection of the proper Global Filter product is an important part of your overall CBD Oil extraction strategy to achieve your CBD Oil objectives. Typically we help in steps 4 and 6 of the extraction process. But, Global Filter offers a complete line of CBD Oil filtration solutions to handle any application throughout the CBD oil extraction process. As a premier supplier of vessels, depth, pleated depth, stacked-disc, bag filters, and pleated membrane cartridges, Global Filter is your one-stop solution for all your CBD Oil filtration needs.

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GSD-Series Stacked Disc

GSD-Series Stacked Disc depth filter elements are constructed from individual cells of a blend of cellulose and diatomaceous earth (DE). Each cell is constructed under compression with polypropylene edge seals and separators.


GHLS-Series Lofted Pleated Polypropylene filter cartridges provide a 100% polypropylene element designed for the removal of agglomerated and deformable contaminants in oils and gels.


PP-Series High Purity Pleated Polypropylene Filter Cartridges provide a high area, 100% polypropylene element for removal of fine or coarse particulate from fluid streams. Great for fine filtration and/or protecting distillation columns and ethanol recovery.

Cannabis Filtrations Systems

From high quality water to achieving a clear and pure extract, excellence in filtration is as crucial to the Cannabis Extracts Industry as it is to the Food & Beverage and Pharmaceuticals Industries.Extracts of the active ingredients from the Cannabis sativa plant are now common options for various applications in North America. Cannabis oil extracts can be further processed to make edible products or standard extracts like medical marijuana, cbd, cannabis sativa or hemp oil.

The filtration stage of producing essential cannabis oil, medical marijuana, or hemp oil is key to ensuring product safety and quality regardless of the desired result.

That’s why reliable cannabis extract producers of medical-grade marijuana and hemp oil turn to precision equipment to achieve excellence in every aspect of the liquid product, from distillation, taste and smell to the right appearance.

The right combination of proper techniques and tools is the difference between a clear, amber extract, and a muddy, undesirable product that contains plant particles, debris, and unwanted lipids.

From research and development applications in the laboratory, to full production runs, ErtelAlsop’s food grade depth filters, equipment, and filter media are staples for producers looking for a professional result.

ErtelAlsop has a variety of equipment for your cannabis filtration requirements, including a 4-stage filtration skid for all stages and filter presses for your Dewaxing and Biomass Filtration needs.

Cannabis & CBD Oil Extraction, Filtration, Distillation: The 2-Step Process

After CO2 extraction or cold ethanol extraction, the slurry is run through an initial filter stack. Most processes then pump the liquid through a filter that catches biomass, and finally another filter media grade as many times as necessary to finalize the product and remove unwanted compounds.

Step 1: Adjust CBD & Cannabis Oil Color: Chlorophyll Removal

Achieve a clear product that can be applied to various applications. The muddy, dark brown or green appearance in the raw extract comes from the presence of chlorophyll. Activated carbon filtration effectively removes and adjusts the color and taste of your product without affecting the integrity of the product.

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The results above were achieved solely through activated carbon filtration, using ErtelAlsop’s Micro-Clear MC35C activated carbon filter media.

Step 2: Polish Your Extract Before Bottling

Filter media like Micro-Media M704 with 0.45 micron retention finishes your product by removing fine particles and debris that can affect purity and appearance, and prepares it for final processing or bottling.

As with all ErtelAlsop filtration equipment, you’ll find the right filter media for your specific operating conditions. ErtelAlsop offers the widest varieties of filter media and construction techniques to provide good particle retention, clear filtrate, high flow rates, and dry filter cakes, with our variety of filter media finishes and separation capabilities.

  • ErtelAlsop Micro-Clear™ Activated Carbon Filter Media is one of our most popular products used to improve purity and adjust color. Activated carbon sheets with varying pore sizes and premium adsorptive qualities allowing the removal of excess color and odor from liquids without having to deal with carbon in loose form. , the go-to premium filter medium for distilled liquids, essences, and oils, the G Series is a mineral-free depth filter medium without inorganic components. It has a net positive charge zeta potential, allowing for highly efficient removal of particles smaller than the filter’s nominal rating.
  • For precision purity, clarity, and high throughput, the MicroMedia XL Series, featuring ultra-pure Celpure® diatomite that meets USP-NF standards, is the ultimate media for unparalleled process control. Manufactured specifically for critical applications, ErtelAlsop’s MicroMedia XL series depth filter sheets outperforms standard grades by over 500%.

Flexible Configurations, Easy-to-Use Equipment

We understand that the Cannabis industry relies on quality equipment to produce quality products.

Inventing filtration equipment since the 1930s, we’ve seen equipment come a long way. From our first lenticular cartridge format filter, to today’s modern evolution, every feature has been fine-tuned throughout ErtelAlsop’s lifetime to help you produce the best results.

Our products feature:

  • Ergonomic, operator-friendly designs
  • Fast loading and unloading
  • Optimization for safety and efficiency
  • Mix-and-match system component capabilities
  • Compatibility with other system

To learn more about ErtelAlsop’s filtration options, explore more filter equipment and lenticulars.

Product Testing

Product filtration testing is always available either at your facility through our network of distributors, or at our in-house laboratory.

Get personalized assistance to help you find what you need to enhance your process to produce quality in every batch.

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