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Of all responders, an overwhelming 91% indicated that they support using MC for hospice patients. “And those who practice in states where MC is not yet legal wish that it was.”Yet there is a significant disparity between ideological support for MC and actual practice. The study found that it is “unusual for clinicians to initiate discussion of using MC with patients, families, or physicians involved in the case…” And of the 36 physicians who responded to the survey, half did not certify patients for MC and only one reported certifying more than six patients a month.

Almost three quarters of the respondents reported having cared for a patient who was using MC. The conditions they reported cannabis as being most successful in managing were nausea/vomiting, pain and anxiety. Confusion (8%), drowsiness (8%), somnolence (5%) and dry mouth (5%) were the adverse effects reported.

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Patients less risk-averse than caregiversThe study seems to indicate that demand for MC is coming from the patients and their families and not from the healthcare providers. Indeed, “most respondents indicated that hospice physicians discuss MC with patients only if specifically asked.” And they are, in fact, asking.

Clinicians’ concerns

In spite of their overall support for MC, the survey responders cited concerns regarding the disparities between state and federal law, as well as a general confusion and discomfort over their inadequate knowledge and training on MC, its use, clinical efficacy and safety, particularly as it relates to the actual products their patients are using.

Those patients in hospices are generally admitted to control their symptoms, particularly pain, poor appetite and hydration. In Frankel’s experience, cannabis can help to alleviate these symptoms, at times to a degree that patients are discharged from hospices.

Dr Frankel talks about Trigeminal Neuralgia and the positive effect he has seen cannabis have on patients dealing with it. Some feedback received by three recent patients is also included.

Dr Frankel discussed this topic with Paxton Quigley’s ‘Cannabis Healing’ show. If you prefer to listen, the full interview is available online on the station’s website, on 24 March

The role of cannabis in end-of-life-care

The Role of Your Physician