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cbd oil east nashville

Those charges were later dropped by the district attorney and the stores were allowed to re-open because in Tennessee, CBD products derived from hemp are completely legal.

“We heard the oil will work for seizures and I have a little anxiety,” said one customer.

David Duncan has lived in Nashville the last 25 years. Music is his passion and he admits becoming a business owner just kind of happened.

“I really haven’t had many battles because it’s completely legal, everything is done by the book,” he said.

“It became obvious pretty quick, Nashville is a big city. There’s no store where we can go buy CBD or pain cream,” Duncan explained.

When the opportunity and the venue opened up, Duncan jumped on it.

Duncan said despite some stigma that surrounds hemp and CBD products, in general everyone has been very supportive of his move to open a hemp store.

4004 Hillsboro Pike

Whether you’re in chronic pain or just need to chill, CBD shops have you covered. These products have proven to be an effective treatment for a wide scope of issues. From cancer and Parkinson’s to anxiety and depression, people are lining up for a non-habit forming aid to their afflictions. Don’t forget your four-legged friends, either! Whether your pet gets overly-excited, nervous, or has joint pain, some shops carry an oil that will sort it out.

This Clarksville standout is the perfect one-stop shop for natural alternatives to everyday products. This includes hemp extract and hemp-infused olive oil and glycerin. Body butters and ointments come in a variety of scents like lavender, peppermint, lime, and orange. Visit their storefront or Check out their online store.

CBD American Shaman


1006 Gallatin Ave

1132 4th Ave S

CBD Solutions is bringing some unique products to the table. Soaps, bath bombs, and CBD-infused water might be hard to come across elsewhere. Plus any shop that takes pets into account is a winner in our book. Check out their online store or stop by and visit their store in person!

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We have a variety of locally-sourced items made from natural and sustainable sources.

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Tuesday-Saturday: 10am-7pm
Sunday: 12pm-5pm

Keep yourself and your fur babies healthy and happy with an assortment of alternative products and goods.

Located in the heart of East Nashville, our mission is to provide you with an ever-evolving curation of natural goods & alternative products to assist you in achieving the good life!

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