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cbd oil circle k

Gotcha. Definitely don't need a bunch of garbage.

Order your stuff from Sunsoil out of Vermont.

I tried a CBD oil from Garden of Life, likely far superior than anything Circle K has (but a man has to settle), and it seemed to really help me relax. I would love to see if it can work for my insomnia.

Anybody know the prices Circle K has?

Thanks for the link. First place I have seen that actually lists prices. They ship here?

Everything at circle k has a crazy mark up it would be cheaper literally anywhere else

At this point, Medical Marijuana Inc. has yet to file its response, but we will follow along to see if they do. If they fail to respond, a default judgment will be entered against them, and their application for the MM “K” Mark will be abandoned. This case is one of many in the long list of trademark disputes we've seen lately involving large corporations and cannabis companies, and could help inform future cannabis trademark applicants as to the scope of goods or services they can safely provide under a mark that is similar to an established brand without infringing.

According to Circle K's Notice of Opposition, the company operates nearly 10,000 stores in North America, and operates thousands of stores in Europe and Asia. Circle K alleges that the MM “K” Mark so resembles the Circle K mark(s) that, when used on or in connection with the goods identified in the Opposed Application, it is likely “to cause confusion, to cause mistake, or to deceive” consumers as to the source of the goods.

Earlier this month, Circle K Stores Inc., owner and operator of the chain of Circle K convenience stores, filed a Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (“TTAB”) Notice of Opposition against Medical Marijuana, Inc., a California company with a pending U.S. federal trademark application for the following design mark (the “MM 'K' Mark”):

Circle K owns a number of U.S. federal trademark registrations covering services in Class 035 (such as retail store services, grocery store services, restaurant services, and other distribution channels for the sale of personal care products, anti-aging products, food and nutritional supplements, chewing gums, candies, beverages, edible oils, vaporizers, etc.), including the following “K” logo:

An opposition proceeding with the TTAB is similar to litigation in federal or state court. The Notice of Opposition that must be filed by an opposer is similar to a complaint in that it states the factual background of the case, the grounds for opposition of the trademark application, and the request for relief. Any person who believes it is or will be damaged by registration of a mark has standing to file a complaint.

The MM “K” Mark was filed to cover the following services in Class 035:

We've written before about the TTAB opposition process, and have also talked about what TTAB opinions related to cannabis typically look like. A trademark opposition is a proceeding in which one party seeks to prevent registration of another party's trademark (as is the case here). If a party believes that it will be damaged by the registration of a mark, it can file an opposition. The TTAB's Manual of Procedure provides guidance for TTAB proceedings, and the TTAB follows the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.