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This is especially true when looking at CBD that was harvested from marijuana rather than hemp. Marijuana has THC in it, which is toxic to dogs and cats. Giving your pet irresponsibly sourced CBD products can have dire consequences.

If administering to a much smaller animal, you’ll want to check out the charts “Generic Hemp Equine Pellets Dosage Guide” and “Hemp CBD Tier Dosage Guidelines”.

Calculating CBD Oil Dosage for Specific Medical Conditions?

Instead of making a large one-size-fits-all pellet we broke up the large dose into mini-pellets. This allows goats, sheep, and even pocket pets like rabbits to benefit from taking hemp CBD.

Another pro of CBD oil is it’s fast absorption rate. When administered under the tongue it enters straight into the blood stream.

It’s surprisingly difficult to find dose-appropriate treats for small pets, so we knew we had to change that. That is a major reason why we have specific chews for mobility, skin & coat, multi-vitamin and calming each with their own mg CBD to accommodate dogs and pets of all sizes.

Furthermore, is always best to contact the CBD oil company to ask them the right dosage for your specific medical condition and to speak to your doctor if necessary.

Go to your local CVS pharmacy and take a quick look around the over-the-counter-products. Read any of the products and you will always see that there is a dosage recommendation. Not only are their directions on dosage, but there are also very specific directions for age and time frame in regard as well.

The good news is that taking an increased dosage of CBD is not harmful so it’s ok to push further to test the results, so there is no need to fear! An overdose on CBD is never going to happen and studies have shown that even in the highest of doses (30 times more than the standard serving) the human body was able to tolerate it with no problem. (1)

Pure Hemp Body Weight Dosage Chart

So how does one find the proper dosage for pure CBD oil?

Microdosing is the process of taking smaller doses of the CBD but at a much faster rate than you would if you were daily dosing. The first step is to figure out your personal micro dosage in which you pinpoint your minimum dosage it takes for you to feel any CBD’s therapeutic effects.

Microdosing will produce a much subtler result, so you will want to make sure you are logging down your experience as you go to pinpoint how you feel each step of the way. Again, patience and awareness of self are key here, so make sure to invest in a day where you can really monitor the progress as you microdose.

We would never recommend you open the bottle and just start with the highest dosages.