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cbd oil cartridges for sale

CBD vaping doesn’t have to be boring and Funky Farms knows that too well. The company wants to ensure that you enjoy your vaping process by providing a variety of flavors such as:

A quality CBD vape cartridge is as good as its battery. You may not enjoy the benefits of CBD if a battery fails to do its job. Funky Farms’ CBD vape cartridges have a powerful stove that only requires 15 seconds of preheating. No need to worry about the inconvenience of carrying bulky chargers because the cartridge comes with a micro-USB charger.

Lemon Cake

The cartridge is made using an Indica hybrid. It contains a mixture of grape and berry aroma to provide much-needed mind and body relaxation throughout the day while enjoying the great taste and perfect smell.

Still can’t find your flavor? The cartridge also comes in other flavors such as sour diesel, pineapple, Northern lights, Lemon, watermelon, grape glacier, vanilla custard, and blueberry.

This cartridge is made from naturally derived hemp extract and provides a fruity scent accompanied by a relaxing effect.

When looking online and researching, you can find a variety of promises and upsides displayed proudly, though downsides tend to take a bit more digging. As such, we’re here to do that digging and evaluate a variety of CBD vape cartridges on a variety of factors, primarily the ingredients, the price, and the reviews given by the customers.

And who is more reputable than the users themselves? They don’t have a reason to lie. They simply receive a CBD product and rate it according to how much they’ve enjoyed it.

User Reviews

Now, we have to realize something: as natural as we need our ingredients to be, in order to produce CBD vaping juice, especially broad-spectrum or CBD isolates, we need synthetic, chemical processing. The methods and thoroughness of processing have a massive effect on the quality of the end product.

Also, as a rule of thumb, you want 10-20% CBD. However, this changes depending on your usage patterns. If you want to take one absolutely massive puff and get everything you need, pick something with a super high CBD content. If you enjoy light usage throughout the day, pick something super light, as it’ll keep you from going over your CBD tolerance limit.

However, they have a 50% discount for qualified customers, such as veterans, active military members, teachers, first responders, health care workers, disabled people, and people with low income. This discount slashes the price down to about $20 per 500mg – quite a reasonable price, especially with their high-quality CBD.