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Bow down to Brown Girl Jane. Brown Girl Jane is a beloved CBD company owned and founded by a trio of women: Malaika Jones Kebede and Nia Jones, who are sisters, and their lifelong friend and beauty expert Tai Beauchamp. Brown Girl Jane holds true to its ethos of sustainable farming, formulating its CBD products with no binders, fillers, excipients, dyes, or unknown substances. Popular products in their lineup include a Glow serum, which has been referred to as "little bottles of magic," as well as a potent sleep tincture with 1500 milligrams of CBD, and an intimate oil. Jones, a working mother who speaks to the importance of equity in hemp for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color, says on Brown Girl Jane's website: "My background as a director in philanthropy has also made me especially cognizant of the inequalities within the hemp industry overall, and I'm committed to changing the face of its beneficiaries and leaders while also working to make it much more accessible to people of color." The company is also actively asking consumers to pledge support for Women of Color-owned businesses in beauty in an initiative called The Brown Girl Swap.

Sisters, twins, and co-founders of Buena Botanicals, meet Coral and Rah Hines. The duo each bring unique expertise to Buena's CBD lineup of products. Rah is a world traveler, an "eco-spiritual social justice warrior," as well as an artist and cultivator with experience facilitating community events orbiting social and environmental justice issues. Coral's experience comes from fashion, and she is a working mom of two who explains one of the best uses of CBD in her life is for her parenting stress. "Fast forward to having her second child and discovering CBD, which has been a valuable tool for managing all her stresses," Buena says on its website.

Ebony Clay, founder of Kayaire skincare.

Undefined Beauty

Undefined Beauty prides itself on its nontoxic and cruelty-free sourcing. The company is on a mission to infuse social purpose into all of its work in the CBD space. Consumers are in love with its lineup of CBD products that include a CBD lip treatment, a firming serum called Glow Gelee, Glow Bars, and even a Detox bath soak with a charged crystal in three varieties: Unwind, Unplug, and Undo. Its founder and beauty industry heavyweight Dorian Morris told Allure: "I’m not going to shrink back and be this delicate flower, I’m going to go for what I want. And if you tell me ‘no’ I’m going to force you to explain why because sometimes, nos are yeses in other ways.” Morris is a champion for justice in health and beauty, as products from this company avoid harmful ingredients like parabens, sulfates, artificial dyes, synthetic fragrances, mineral oil and petroleum, among a longer list.

Kimberly K. Dillon, founder of Frigg.

Zelira Therapeutics Ltd (formerly Zelda Therapeutics) is a powerhouse global therapeutic medicinal cannabis company. It is a well-known international medicinal cannabis research and clinical trial organization that conducts trials on CBD for autism, insomnia, nausea and more. The goal at Zelira is to create branded products for a range of medical ailments, using clinical trial and a web of candidates capable of launching brands across the world. Zelira's brand HOPE® is available in two proprietary formulations for Autism in Pennsylvania and Louisianna, with plans to expand internationally. Zelira conducts research in partnership with accredited universities like Curtin University in Perth, Western Australia, St. Vincent’s Hospital in Melbourne, Australia, and the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). More impressive still: Zelira is currently working with Ethicann to create a proprietary product called CAN-001, specifically developed to treat chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting. Important work, from co-founder Osagie Imasogie who currently sits as Chairman. Imasogie brings 30 years of experience in the fields of law, finance, business, healthcare, and the pharmaceutical industry, to Zelira.

If you are searching for Black excellence in CBD and hemp, your cup floweth over.

CBD is often regarded as the friendly, harmless side of cannabis. Unlike THC-containing marijuana, which is still classified as a schedule 1 drug and fully illegal in several states, hemp-derived CBD is federally legal and it's everywhere. It's in baked goods, kombucha skincare products, and endless self-care and wellness-geared items on the market. Despite all the popularity, though, there's a problematic side to the industry that we can't ignore.

Invest in Black women business owners while stocking up on self-care and wellness goodies.

Brown Girl Jane

So, while we indulge in a range of CBD goodies to drink, eat, or slather all over our bodies, we should also be striving to invest in Black communities at the same time. To do so, and to celebrate National CBD Month, we rounded up 10 Black women-owned CBD shops to support right now. From skincare products that promise glowy skin to infused honey that promote mindfulness, you can find CBD in any form you need below.

Despite roughly the same rates of cannabis usage, the ACLU reports that Black Americans are 3.73 times more likely than white Americans to be arrested for marijuana. Even though CBD is largely legalized, there's still a large disparity as far as who gets to be the stakeholders in the cannabis industry. According to Marijuana Business Daily in 2017, approximately 81% of cannabis business owners or founders are white, while only 4% are Black. On top of this, mainstream representations of wellness and self-care—which CBD is often associated with—primarily centers white women, pushing Black women who are both seeking and creating forms of wellness to the margins.

The plant-based, clean beauty brand, Brown Girl Jane, is founded by sisters, Malaika and Nia Jones, along with beauty and wellness expert Tai Beauchamp. In addition to offering renowned beauty products, like the GLOW Luminous Facial Serum and BALANCE Wellness Drops, the brand also gives back by donating a portion of sales to a non-profit that aligns with its mission, which, per the website, is, "bettering the lives and wellness of women of color." Brown Girl Jane is currently supporting the Black Women's Health Imperative, a nonprofit organization created by Black women to help protect and advance the health and wellness of Black women and girls.