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cbd oil benzo withdrawal

Leaving benzodiazepines behind isn’t just psychologically painful, it can be physically painful too. For some, it’s just aching muscles, but others may experience painful muscle spasms. Luckily, CBD can help in two ways . First, CBD can relax muscles because it can reduce inflammation and, secondly, it can mitigate our natural pain response. For maximum pain relief, oils and tinctures are recommended, but topicals can also offer relief if the pain is localized.

Acute Withdrawal usually makes up the majority of the withdrawal process. Symptoms can vary but may include:

Because certain cannabinoids, like CBD, mimic the structure of the natural endocannabinoids, essentially they’re able to give the ECS a power boost. This is particularly helpful for people who’s neurotransmitters have become unbalanced due to benzodiazepine use. Specifically, this means that GABA and Dopamine levels have plummeted.

CBD May Help Regulate Sleep Patterns

We want that feeling for everyone, but especially for those who have suffered from benzodiazepine use. If you, or someone you know, are struggling to cope with benzo use then consider whether CBD could provide relief. If you’ve managed to improve your benzo use with CBD then tell us your story in a comment below or let us know on Instagram ! Your story could help inspire someone else to reach out and get help. The more we talk about these issues, the more people can live normal, benzo-free lives.

Early Withdrawal can begin as soon as a few hours or as late as a few days of stopping benzos. Anxiety and insomnia may return as the brain adjusts to functioning without the drugs. This phase can last for several days.

We know that GABA helps us stay calm, regulates sleep, and generally helps us relax. Dopamine , another neurotransmitter, plays a big role in how we experience pleasure and happiness. But even more than that it helps us learn, get motivated, stay focused, regulates mood, and affect the way we process pain. Benzos boost GABA and give us a rush of dopamine . However, as our brains get used to the benzos they lower the natural production of both GABA and dopamine. That’s why so many people experience anxiety and depression when trying to get off of benzos.

Even when taken exactly as prescribed, there are side-effects. Some common side-effects of benzodiazepines include:

Towards the end of this merry-go-round from hell, my husband took me into the doctor’s office.

What about the nasty dopamine-addiction effect of benzos? Does CBD also have that?

Another doctor put me on Lexapro (we’ll save that for a separate article) and after 3 days of no sleep, an ER visit with a misprescribed nausea medication caused a psychotic break.

This was more to help me sleep since I was getting shocks of cortisol that would wake me up all night.

Benzo’s all work on the GABA level but with subtleties that definitely affect withdrawal symptoms.

Finally, boost too much and the brain can literally stop processing.