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cbd oil and sibo

CHLOE: Oh, yeah. No, it’s amazing. I’ve been trying to figure out a way to start getting those out with Chinese herbs, but we haven’t launched that yet. For now, Palmetto Harmony I think are the only ones I know of doing it, but hopefully more people will be doing it. I’m trying to think. There are a lot of good companies out there, but there are a lot of shitty companies out there; there lot of people who are taking advantage of the trend, so you want to do a little it of research. You don’t necessarily want to buy the gummies off of the bodega counter.

PHOEBE: I know that when my husband and I occasionally have edibles, we get hit like hours apart.

CHLOE: I’ve debated sometimes. Like I’ll be at my bodega and I’ll be like, ah, that looks kind of good, and then I’m like, Chloe, you have so much CBD in your house, three steps away. I’ll buy some of the drinks sometimes, just to try it. Recess has a bunch of adaptogens in it; they’re doing really great and they’re stuff seems good. Most of that’s going to be an isolate though. I don’t know of any full-spectrum, water-soluble CBD, so that’s something that people should be aware of if you’re drinking it.

A quick taste of what we’ll cover:

CHLOE: It’s been pretty incredible to see the vast array of ailments that CBD is being used for, or cannabis; I really think of them pretty interchangeably. Obviously, epilepsy is one of the things we got a lot of exposure for. The Charlotte’s Web strain and their story with Charlotte Figi and their mission has really revolutionized the field and brought so much more research and opportunity to get this medicine out there.

PHOEBE: I have not, yes.

PHOEBE: Wow! I had no idea, which it seems like I should’ve known.

PHOEBE: So interesting. How are these being incorporated now? Is it in addition to both the CBD and the THC, or are people kind of starting to use that – I don’t know – on its own? How do people look for those types of products with CBG?

CBD is best absorbed through the lungs so I would suggest getting a vape pen with detachable cartridges. Smoking is bad and will make SIBO worse via increased biofilms.

One issue with CBD is that it might slow down motility. Which is what is believed to cause SIBO

I live and die by CBD. Here are some pointers:

Has anyone tried CBD for leaky gut & pain?

CBD and THC are synergistic meaning they are best absorbed when taken together. If you have safe access I would suggest getting something with small amounts of THC if you tolerate it. I do not tolerate THC but my pen is 2% THC 98% CBD. This is a below threshold dose of THC so it works better but I never get high.

You can read a lot of posts here where users say they healed SIBO by cutting out their marijuana use. It lowers gut motility slowing your digestion which allows for more infection.

Yes I find it very helpful for managing symptoms, it is especially helpful with anxiety induced IBS as well. However I am curious as to any medical implications it has with SIBO. I have read that it has antibacterial properties but I’m not sure if that is helpful or harmful for SIBO