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cbd oil and pancreatic cancer

Wade adds Osmolite formula, a therapeutic nutrition for patients with increased calorie and protein needs, to a drip every other night to help Stephen maintain a healthy weight. The procedure takes eight hours and is very uncomfortable. Lack of appetite and nausea leading to unhealthy weight loss are common for pancreatic patients. The use of medical marijuana has helped Stephen greatly with these symptoms.

Rosemary Mazanet, an oncologist by original training, is chief scientific officer for Columbia Care. “When I think about the disconnect between the enormous promise that cannabis products bring and the fact that there’s such an air about it that makes it tawdry, it comes down to the fact that it’s federally illegal.”

I was lying face down when I first heard about Stephen Schulman. I’d been feeling sorry for myself, complaining of an aching wrist and back – the vestiges of an age-inappropriate roller-skating accident – while my massage therapist Elisa worked to soothe my pain.

“Cancer is a mind fuck,” Wade says. “You’re hit with devastating and debilitating news that your loved one’s life has an expiration date and you realize your own powerlessness and that begins to take its toll on your spirit. All you can do is try to remember that love is the greatest gift you can give anyone.”

“In the higher-THC products,” Reed explains, “there can be a euphoric feeling which might not be so bad for patients going through a hard time. It’s similar to the side-effects you’d get from other meds like Valium. I encourage patients to think of it that way. It’s just a side-effect similar to those of other medications they may have already taken. There is still that sense of taboo or stigma that goes along with marijuana. A lot of what we’ve been trying to do is to de-stigmatize it.

Just a quick further note. I have found a post on the forum which names people who have experience of caring for someone with pancreatic cancer so just thought I would attach the post so that you can contact any or all of them if you wish. It is dated September 2018 so I expect you will be able to contact at least some of them. Feel free to come back to me if you need help with this. Annie

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firstly thank you for getting back to me so sorry it’s literally been 10days. he has been having pains in tummy I don’t think he wanted to worry us all. so he is very jaundice VERY I have never seen this before. he had a stent put on last week but no help. he has gone for a mri today to see what stage ect but the dr said he can not have surgery which was scheduled for this Thursday as it has spread to the liver. I’m at a loss to do I feel I have already lost him. my mom is completely uncontrollable. brothers and sisters are all at different handling the situation. grandchildren are none the wiser. I don’t know if I’m allowed to talk about cdb oil!? I’m sorry if I seem a mumble I really am at the moment xx

Dad just been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer

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what a terrible few weeks my dad has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer he’s only 52! Was supposed to have surgery Thursday said it’s now spread to liver. can anyone give any insight to what’s going to happen next

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Hello Claire; welcome to the forum although of course you would rather not need to come here at all. What a horrible situation for your family and yourself. You don’t give a lot of information in your post – what does the medical team say about what they think is the best course of action? Others here can tell you what happened to them but every case may have individual features and doctors may vary on what they think best in the circumstances of each patient. I believe there are posters here who can tell you of their experience of pancreatic cancer and I hope one of them will pick this up. I will try to identify someone who can chat with you.. Perhaps in the meantime you could tell us a bit more – had your dad been ill for some time; is he being cared for at home by his family? Sorry to ask questions but it is helpful to have the larger picture. Best wishes. Annie