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cbd oil and drinking alcohol

As with any product, particularly one containing CBD, we would always recommend caution before you try.

Alcohol is a depressant, meaning that it reduces brain stimulation. CBD can be described as a relaxant, meaning that it brings a feeling of calm.

Despite the unknown entities surrounding CBD Oil and alcohol, many companies have combined the two to create CBD infused beer or cocktails.

What About CBD Infused Alcoholic Drinks?

One of the more common questions we’ve seen people asking online is “can I drink alcohol while taking CBD oil?”

Regular heavy consumption of alcohol can have a huge impact on your body, including causing damage to the brain, nervous system, heart, liver and pancreas, as well as increase cholesterol and blood pressure.

There are concerns that both CBD and alcohol could intensify each other’s effects, and therefore lead to drowsiness or behavioural changes in the consumer.

Check that the company you are buying from is reputable and trustworthy and if you do decide to taste test, do so with care and consideration, and start small.

Imagine your blood vessels as a garden hose with water flowing through it.

With that said, the evidence for this is very loose. Animal studies published as recently as 2018 report no changes in blood alcohol levels between the CBD treatment group and placebo control [4].

2. CBD & Alcohol Can Cause a Drop In Blood Pressure

If this effect is too strong, it can cause pressure to drop too low — making it difficult for the heart to push enough blood and oxygen into the brain. This makes you feel dizzy or lightheaded. If it becomes too severe, it can cause you to faint.

CBD and THC work by interacting with CB1 receptors in the brainstem, where nausea reflexes are controlled (aptly named the vomiting center) [5]. These receptors cause the release of serotonin that inhibits the urge to vomit.

One study found 72 participants taking 25 – 75 mg of CBD for one month had dramatic improvements in their sleep quality [1]. Other studies have shown similar results from drinking. One study took a deep dive into the effects of alcohol on sleep. This study found that low doses of alcohol (1 – 2 standard drinks) had an improvement in the first half of sleep [2]. The same study reported high doses of alcohol (more than two standard drinks) also improved the first half of sleep but had a negative impact on the second half when most of the REM sleep occurs.