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cbd oil and breastfeeding

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CBD works through entirely different mechanisms, acting as more of a balancing agent — helping to support homeostasis within the body rather than pushing the body in one direction or another.

There are no clear indications that CBD is unsafe for babies — especially compared to some of the other cannabinoids like THC, which have been proven to be unsafe for newborns and young children.

The most common cause of infant anxiety is anxious or stressed parents — babies are receptive to emotions. CBD is useful for anxiety-related symptoms because it’s able to enhance the binding ability of a neurotransmitter known as GABA — GABA essentially acts as the brake pedal for the nervous system. When we start moving too fast (such as during an anxiety attack), GABA works to slow down neurological activity and help us relax.

The primary consideration when consuming anything as a breastfeeding mother is keeping your baby safe.

If you aren’t sure of whether the CBD products you want to use will have an effect on your baby, it is better to stop using them or carry out more research. You can also consult with a medical expert to understand the best action to take.

Unsurprisingly, this is one of the first questions breastfeeding mothers ask when considering resuming CBD, as they don’t want to pass THC onto their baby.

Choosing CBD products for breastfeeding mothers

However, the research is unclear about this issue at the moment. What is evident is that THC can pass through breast milk and cause harm to the baby. As such, CBD oil that contains traces of THC is not recommended while breastfeeding.

Medically, it is not recommended to use CBD when pregnant. However, many new mothers want to resume using cannabidiol oil and other CBD products once they give birth – and they need to know when it’s safe to do so.

With increasingly accurate information, breastfeeding moms are able to find out when and how they can use these products for their health, while safeguarding the health of their babies.

According to research, mothers should try to use THC-free, organic CBD products, and then only in moderation. This means buying from reliable sellers to avoid compromised products. Better still, you can buy CBD oil, hemp flower and extract pure CBD at home.