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cbd oil amsterdam price

Combining the best that nature and science can offer Amsterdam Genetics embodies decades of experience when it comes to the best crops and strains to suit any taste. Whereas our seeds have been putting big smiles on the faces of loyal customers worldwide, our knowledge of high-end crop cultivation extends beyond seeds and flower buds alone. As global awareness of the benefits of CBD grows, the Amsterdam Genetics team has developed a high quality range of dietary cannabidiol supplements to surpass existing quality levels.

Bottle containing 10ml of high quality, full spectrum ‘Supmedi’ CBD Oil 5% (500mg cannabidiol) for oral/sublingual use.

Each bottle ‘CBD Oil 5%’ contains 10ml of high quality CBD Oil (500mg SupMedi CBD), made from organically grown hemp. With a supercritical CO2-extraction method, only the best part of the hemp is extracted. Leaving us with a FULL SPECTRUM, clear oil that is rich in cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and minerals:


Store in a dry, cool place out of children’s reach, don’t use during pregnancy or lactation.

Skunk is a generic term for weed with a very high THC content. It a crossbreeding of plants from Afghanistan/Pakistan with Central American plants, purely engineered to get you stoned. It is a very predictable variant of weed, regardless of the name all the effects will be pretty similar.

Sativa looks more like a tree than the bush like indica plant. It grows narrow and tall, and because of this it takes longer to grow and has a lower yield than indica. Sativa will tend to give you a euphoric high and tends to help you think creatively. Sativa may then be of more use if you are hanging out with a group of people, as you will not have the traditional stoner effects of indica.

The reason for the differences in the effect of the two main types of cannabis is related to their chemical compositions. Indica has higher CBD and lower THC counts. Now you are probably asking what CBD and THC is.

How to Buy Weed in Amsterdam

So how much does weed cost in Amsterdam? You will find weed available from €5 per gram, and this weed will still be pretty strong. The best high-quality prize winning weed costs €15 per gram and in some places, you can find prestige weed at as much as €40 per gram. If you fancy pre-rolled joints, they start at €3.50 and top out at €5. You can also purchase hash from €4 to €35.

If you like cannabis and you visit Amsterdam you may be interested in coffeeshop tour. Otto, a Dutch guy living in Amsterdam knows everything about cannabis culture. He runs some coffeeshop tours in Red Light District. You can learn more about these tours here. It’s cool to hear a story from someone who knows everything about weed.

It is the intoxicating effects of THC that give you a high. This is why many people say CBD is not psychoactive. What we need to know though is that the higher the THC content that more side effects you can be opened up to, CBD can help to balance this out. Like all things we all have different tolerances to what we can use, so try and learn what works and doesn’t work for you.

How though do you tell if the weed you are buying is of the highest quality and worth your €15? The first thing you will notice is the color. A genuinely high-quality weed will stand out amongst all the other buds. It will be glowing; this is because it has been harvested and transported correctly. It will shine compared to the medium quality weed.