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cbd life hemp oil capsules

About CBD Life CBD Life UK is one of the more established brands in the .

Notably, the 400mg/10ml oil records a CBD percentage of 2.22% (222mg/10ml) and 1.72% of CBDA (172mg/10ml), whereas for the stronger 1000mg/10ml oil, the CBD percentage shoots up to nearly 4 times the levels of the weaker oil at 8.38% (838mg/10ml). The CBDA percentage increases to just 2.17% (217mg/10ml), a rise of only 0.45%, making for what could be a vastly different experience for the consumer.

However, for those that really don’t like the taste, CBD Life UK offer their full spectrum oils in lemon or peppermint to try and mask the natural taste.

CBD Life UK Hemp Oil Drops

A water soluble full-spectrum offering which can be added and stirred into a drink. Bioavailability is also claimed to be higher, meaning that more of the CBD is absorbed into your bloodstream. However, water-soluble CBD has not been proven to have a higher bioavailability as we await more research into this topic.

The company’s CBD oil is its standard CBD offering, much like most other brands out there, and the company sticks to producing high-quality CBD in a limited range of flavours rather than doing anything too drastic or novel to differentiate themselves.

However, there is a considerable reduction in the number of cannabinoids available in the broad-spectrum version, aside from just the advertised THC. We will discuss this in more detail later in this review.

CBD Life UK also offers a water-soluble version of the 400mg/10ml full-spectrum bottle dubbed “Aqua Drops,” which can be added and dissolved in liquids for an alternative ingestion method.

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CBD Hemp Capsules are great for those who do not like the taste of the natural raw CBD hemp extracts but still want to use CBD as a daily food supplement. The capsules are filled with the same high-quality full-spectrum hemp extract that we use in our oil which is then cap in vegan friendly capsules. The suggested serving for this product is 1 CBD Capsules 1-3 times a day generally spaced approx. 6-8 hours apart.

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