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From CBD American Shaman: &nbsp CBD American Shaman is dedicated to bringing wellness to the world through ultra-concentrated terpene rich CBD oil derived from all natural, high quality industrial hemp.

Endoca Review: &nbsp Endoca started as a tiny seed and has grown into a tree. Started in 2010, they are one of the oldest CBD companies in the world. With head offices in Netherlands, Japan and USA, Endoca is truly a globally trusted brand. We love and endorse all Endoca products, so whether it’s Oils, Capsules, Creams or Pet Products you want, Endoca is a safe choice. A good place to start is their best-selling Raw CBD Oil with CBDa. It’s a medium-strong CBD oil with CBDa added (CBDa is a precursor to CBD, and has distinct health benefits, such as relieving pain and inflammation). “Endoca CBD is expertly crafted by a team of scientists to harness the pure power of hemp. Our aim is to unlock the true power of nature and bring you high quality extracts.” –>

Most of the evidence that CBD can help with period cramps is anecdotal – there’s not a lot of direct scientific studies on CBD and menstruation. However, there is lots of science showing that CBD can help with pain and inflammation in general. CBD is shown to reduce levels of prostaglandin, a chemical which drives inflammation and pain in both PMS and other inflammatory conditions. Women with lower prostaglandin levels tend to have less painful PMS contractions. Ultimately, your personal experience is your best guide – many women use CBD to help with discomfort but you will have to try for yourself to make your own opinion.

What is CBD?

“Marijuana” is the term to describe cannabis plants with THC levels above 0.3% by dry weight. Typical medical or recreational marijuana plants contain 10-30% THC. Although Marijuana is now legal in many countries throughout the world, it is still heavily regulated and generally less accessible than Hemp.

Anxiety is the number one reason people take CBD and science confirms there is good basis for this. Study after study shows that CBD can reduce anxiety from a number of causes. Whether it is trait anxiety, such as someone with PTSD, or situation anxiety, such as public speaking, CBD is effective at keeping people calm. Even brain imaging studies show that CBD activates and deactivates areas of your brain to reduce anxiety.

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From Danker: &nbsp Guaranteed Low Pricing on products from Organic US Hemp farmers.

“I thought it was just a normal fever,” Pokleh said. “I thought she’d be okay after a while. It’s my fault for not getting medical attention sooner.”

“Before we started on cannabis oil, she just lay down, motionless. No reflexes. It felt slow, but day by day, she was getting better,” Pokleh said. “From what I’ve read and watched online, a major side effect would be sleepiness … But nothing harmful.”

Discovering cannabis oil

A paralyzed Ira lies in bed. Photo: Pokleh

“Cannabis oil would be derived from the cannabis plant, while CBD oil is extracted alone, without other properties like THC,” he said in a May interview. “Most CBD oils in the market are derived from industrial hemp, which has a naturally low THC content (below 3%). If the cannabis oil has THC, it comes with a caution that it will make [the user] high.”

Getting ahold of cannabis oil was easier than Pokleh expected. All it took was ordering it from a Thai supplier on Facebook, and it arrived within three days, just in time for Ira’s return from three bedridden weeks in the hospital. One palm-sized bottle was enough for 50 servings, the label said.