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cbd hemp oil and sarcoidosis

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Pain and inflammation are both common in diseases such as sarcoidosis. These are the two most common and severe symptoms of sarcoidosis. Treating them with anti-inflammatory and painkilling drugs can cause adverse side effects on our bodies.

Doctors are as yet unsure what causes this disease. It has been regarded as both an autoimmune disease and a hereditary condition. Many experts believe that the disease stems from how the immune system reacts to substances such as chemicals, dust, infectious substances or other unknown substances.

Sarcoidosis manifests in sufferers in multiple ways. It typically starts with a dry cough, exhaustion and shortness of breath.

CBD for stress and sleep

Other sarcoidosis symptoms can include tender reddish patches on the skin, a hoarse voice, blurred vision, and discomfort in the hands, feet or anywhere else in the bones. It can cause an enlarged liver, as well as sensitivity, swelling and pain in the joints and lymph glands.

Sleep issues are also common – especially due to the pain caused by this disease. Sore joints and discomfort can lead to insomnia. As improved sleep is one of the most widely known benefits of CBD, daily drops can make a major difference to sleep quality.

There are many ways to use the oil, including orally and topically. At goodleaf, we offer a range of CBD oil products that help to treat the symptoms of sarcoidosis.

CBD protects the immune system from viruses and infections. Research shows that CBD can help to reduce viral loads and stimulate the development of the T-cells that are essential for building immunity as they detect and eliminate pathogens.

Moreover, Sarcoidosis may also result in skin problems which may include:
Red rash or reddish-purple lumps situated on the ankles or shin which can be warm and soft when touched. Cardiac sarcoidosis can also involve symptoms like dyspnea or shortness of breath, chest pain, tiredness, irregular heartbeat, swelling due to surplus fluid or edema and palpitations. In addition, sarcoidosis can also impact calcium metabolism, the liver, and spleen, the nervous system, muscles, joints, kidneys, lymph nodes or any organ.

Sarcoidosis is a chronic ailment that impacts various organs like eyes, skin, joints but in the majority of cases lungs are involved. This disease is marked by the formation of immune system cells that creates small lumps known as granulomas which is a kind of tissue inflammation in organs.

Sarcoidosis can be activated by the response of the immune system towards foreign matter like bacteria, viruses or chemicals. Some studies hint at infectious agents, dust or likely abnormal response to the proteins of the body which leads to the development of granulomas in individuals who are predisposed genetically.

CBD Boosts The Immune System

The signs of sarcoidosis differ based upon the organs that get affected. Sarcoidosis at times progresses slowly and creates symptoms that persist for years. In other cases, symptoms abruptly appear and vanish quickly. However, general symptoms can include:

The study has revealed that CBD when used in HIV sufferers, can lower viral loads and develop a higher number of T-cells that are vital to immunity. T-cells function by detecting pathogens and eliminating them. Various researches have revealed that regular use of CBD can augment WBC counts in immunodeficiency illnesses like HIV, which hints at its immune boosting influence. This aids in treating sarcoidosis by reducing the formation of immune system cells into clusters.

When CBD attaches to the cannabinoid receptors CB2 of the hyperactive immune cells, it triggers a specific kind of anti-inflammatory protein known as caspase. When there is activation of caspase, it transmits a signal that causes the initiation of cell death of the immune cell. As the immune cells perish due to caspase stimulation, the process of inflammation is regulated and proinflammatory cytokines are also reduced. This assists in reducing the inflammation of the lymph nodes, the inflammatory pattern of the cluster of immune cells in various organs and the pain and joint swelling arising from sarcoidosis.

Some of the lung symptoms that are related to sarcoidosis since it generally affects the lungs are namely: