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cbd for boxer dogs

Who’s there for you when you get home after a rough day of work? Who’s the first one to tell you that the mail man’s here and the last one to give up on you after moping around for a bit too long after that big break up. They’re your hiking buddy, roommate, and couch bud when you’re binging the latest shows. Your heated blanket even in the summer. It’s your dog! Your ride or die companion and all time best friend to the very end!

Cannabidiol oil or CBD oil is a component extracted from marijuana that is used for medicinal or supplementary purposes .

CBDfx is a tincture, and as such is mixed with MCT oil: an oil derived from coconuts that better helps your dog absorb the CBD. Their extraction process removes almost all of the THC, leaving in only small amounts in the final product.

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How often should I give my dog a dose?

Most oils in this list are Full Spectrum CBD. This richly colored extract is widely recognized and cultivated for its higher concentration of terpenes. Terpenes are naturally occurring fragrance molecules that can be found in a wide variety of plants. It is basically what gives cannabis its unique musky smell and taste. It is believed to enhance the effects of CBD and the other cannabinoids found in a Full Spectrum CBD oil.

Full-spectrum CBD contains higher concentration of cannabis terpenes. This, paired with the excess of nutrients and vitamins, further enhances the benefits of using their oil and promotes better health with regular usage.

Giving them a higher potency oil created for larger breeds like Great Danes of Chau Chaus could be extremely dangerous and puts them at high risk of overdosing.

Just the smell of lavender is often enough to get one to calm down and relax; this is due to the presence of linalool: the terpene that gives lavender it’s distinct smell. Cannabis terpenes work in a similar fashion and are a big part of the oil’s ability to reduce anxiety.

Like all living things, boxers are not immune to health problems, and there are a number that seem to afflict them more than other breeds. Up to this point, treatment options for these various conditions have been limited to whatever the vet was able to prescribe. Sometimes these medications worked. Other times they were too little or too late. CBD, however, has shown enormous promise as both a preventive therapy and treatment for a host of boxer heath issues. CBD interacts with their endocannabinoid system or ECS; the system whose function is to regulate and balance the interaction of other systems. When the ECS is in proper balance, your Boxer will be more mentally alert, have less anxiety, digest food better, and have a healthier coat. Let’s look at some of the other benefits of CBD for Boxer dogs.

Some people will read that CBD improves their dog’s mood and makes them more relaxed, and interpret that to mean that the dog will get high. Fortunately, this is not the case. CBD for dogs is not gleaned from marijuana, but from hemp. That’s important, because marijuana contains THC and hemp does not. Or the amount of THC it contains is so small as to be virtually undetectable.

1. Increase The Immune System

Boxers are upbeat, active dogs, and the benefits of CBD with regard to treating joint pain and stimulating a better mood are qualities that should be of particular interest to Boxer owners. But beyond that, you’ll want to keep CBD in mind as a preventive supplement, one that will allow your pooch to sleep better and one that will alleviate the worst symptoms of some of the ghastly diseases that can befall them.

An energetic dog is one who likes to play and is very active when given a chance to bound around in the great outdoors. A hyperactive dog is one that doesn’t know when to quit. It doesn’t respond to commands, and may wind up damaging things in the home or injuring itself as a result. Certain adrenal gland conditions can cause hyperactivity. And CBD oil can help alleviate those conditions and return your pup to its normal active but in control state.

Although you may still need the vet to intervene to get rid of the infection completely, a healthy immune system will ensure the recovery process doesn’t have to be any longer than absolutely necessary. On top of that, a dog with a strong immune system and all its other systems working together in harmonious fashion, is one that won’t get sick very often to begin with.