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PET CBD OIL is a blend of Full Spectrum CBD from our farm and organic Beef Jerky flavoring that will help aging pets feel youthful and anxious pets feel calm.

PURE CBD OIL is a blend of Full Spectrum CBD from our farm and delicious, organic flavors that will boost your physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

Ease Your Discomfort


Many people wonder where the best place is to buy CBD oil. You will find CBD for sale at some retail locations, but they are still few and far between. The few retail locations that carry CBD products often have a limited selection that is locked behind a case. It is not convenient. As a consumer, it is also difficult to evaluate the products on the shelf by viewing Certificates of Analysis and reading reviews by consumers. If you are looking for the highest quality and best variety of CBD Oil buy online. If you buy CBD oil online, you are able to view Certificates of Analysis to confirm the amount of CBD in the product, read reviews of other customers, and have a larger selection of products from which to choose.

Organically Farmed Hemp

We are 5th generation farmers who are determined to produce the best possible Hemp products possible. Our family owned and operated farm encompasses the entire process, from soil to shelf. You can feel confident when you buy our CBD Oil online that you are getting a trustworthy CBD pr oduct that has been made only from hemp plants grown in our soil. All of our CBD products are tested by a third party lab.

In our Lab we use 100% Food Grade Ethanol for Extraction. Not Ethanol with Heptane (toxic to the human body). This cost us 3.5x more for the ethanol but, we dont believe in extracting with toxic solvents that can end up in the final products.

Cannabidiol, commonly referred to as CBD, is found in Hemp plants, Cannabis Sativa L. The main difference between Hemp and Marijuana plants is that Hemp contains less than 0.3% THC, the psychoactive compound found in marijauna. Both plants generally look and smell the same, but hemp plants have been selectively bred to contain high levels of CBD and other cannabinoids vs. marijuana's high levels of THC.

On our farm, as stated above, we use 100% food grade ethanol to gently extract the CBD along with other cannabinoids and plant compounds found in the hemp varieties we grow. Through this process we can ensure that no toxic or harmful chemicals are used in the extraction process. Buy CBD Oil Online from Farm life Hemp Today!