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I went to a beauty event recently for a new Goop product called GOOPGENES. It’s an orange collagen drink that's supposed to make you have everlasting plump skin and stuff. This story is not about that at all. STAY WITH ME THO. At the event, I sat next to a lovely (everyone was lovely, everything was lovely, the drink was . fishy) beauty writer who told me her skincare routine is now all CBD. “How does your face feel?” I asked. “Very relaxed,” she said. Whoa. On the other side of me, an editor cut a sliver from an already sliced kiwi and took a tiny bite.

Essential oils. “The only thing I don’t love are the essential oils,” Mattioli said. They’re used to add fragrance, and in Herbivore’s marketing, chill-vibe aromatherapy from the scent of hemp. Essential oils are sort of a misnomer, because these aren’t oily like olive or coconut or jojoba. They’re actually super-concentrated extractions of plants that can be very volatile, especially citrus oils, and can include high-proof alcohols that might preserve flower essences successfully but sting your skin. “Some [essential oils] are more intense than others. For the general population, and my clients, when someone has skin issues, I say cut out all potential irritants like essential oils. Hemp seed oil is fine for everyone, but this product wouldn't be my go-to [because of the essential oils].” So make sure you try it on your skin by doing a patch test before slathering your face, especially if you have sensitive skin or have had reactions to products with essential oils before (I have—a mask made my face break into a full-on red, burning fire but the essential oils in Emerald didn’t irritate me.)

Squalane is first in the ingredient list, meaning it’s the major player. Squalane is a hydrocarbon that’s found in your own skin as well as in plants, which is how Herbivore gets it in Emerald. Plant-based squalane is “totally safe and fine,” Mattioli told me. Also: super-hydrating. A-ha.

“We have to remember,” Mattioli concluded, “there’s so much benefit in companies taking the first step and including these new ingredients. Innovation is important. The adaptogen component is really cool. I just want to make sure claims are taken with a grain of salt. Nothing is a miracle product, and when it is, trust me, we will all know about it.” I’ll remain all ears.

So obviously I had to try it. Every morning and night for about two weeks, I squeezed four to six drops from the minimalist dropper bottle, massaged it into my cheeks, and studied the results. My dehydrated skin, a victim of the desert conditions in my radiator-heated apartment, soaked up the oil desperately. Emerald really smells like weed. My face smells like weed. It was jarring at first, and then it would fade, especially if I layered another moisturizer on top. Herbivore suggests their Pink Cloud Creme, which has a light, rose-coconut scent that diminishes the hemp reek. After a week of use, I noticed my skin was definitely moisturized, soft, smooth, and clear of zits. But was I glowing like a rotisserie chicken, my true beauty icon? I might call it “shiny.”

Concentrated Moisture. Deep moisture meets flash absorption in this skin calming and seriously moisturizing blend of Omega-fatty-acid-rich and skin-soothing Hemp Seed Oil plus Adaptogens including Shiitake Mushroom and Ashwagandha Root.

Massage in and allow to absorb for 1-3 minutes before applying makeup.

Meet Cannabis. A beautiful, long-misunderstood plant whose true powers are just starting to be known. What we know so far is that its many parts and constituents aid in everything from anxiety to physical pain management to beautifying properties.

Ingredients in bold are Certified Organic.

Store upright in a cool, dry place and out of direct sunlight.