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cbd coconut oil uses

Cannabis coconut oil capsules are very popular for people who want a way to ingest cannabis oil and benefit from the effect, by means other than smoking or eating an edible. After following the recipe for cannabis coconut oil, you need a few extra components, namely a syringe and fillable gel capsules. If you want to fill the capsules immediately after making the oil, then it is important to let the mixture cool enough to be handled and not melt the capsules. However, the syringe will only work if the oil is fully liquefied, and not beginning to harden.

Simply suck up a small amount of the oil and fill each of the gel capsules, ensuring that the seal is tight. At that point, simply place the capsules in the refrigerator or any other dark and cool place. The newly infused oil will harden in the capsules, providing you with a perfect dose of healthy cannabis-infused coconut oil!

Cannabis has an unusual place in the medical world, because many of its healthy properties have been identified, and proven in medical studies. It is still considered illegal in many parts of the world, and is currently the subject of numerous legalization efforts around the world. However, in those places where it has been decriminalized or legalized entirely for medicinal or recreational purposes, it has already begun to prove its value. [3]

Might Reduce Anxiety

Cannabis coconut oil may help relieve pain. Photo Credit: Shutterstock

As per the USDA, coconut oil contains healthy fatty acids that can help lower your LDL or bad cholesterol levels in the body. THC is also known to lower blood pressure , making this combination an all-around boost for your cardiovascular health. [4] [5]

Basically, anything that you would normally use cooking oil for can be switched with cannabis-infused coconut oil.

You should never operate heavy machinery or drive a car while you are under the influence of cannabis. It is also essential that you create a cannabis coconut oil that is safe to consume, so it must be in the proper ratios. Following a strict recipe is highly recommended, particularly if you are making cannabis coconut oil for the first time. Read the full recipe to make Cannabis Coconut Oil, go here.

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You can rub it directly onto the skin if you are using CBD for muscles or joints, or use just like you would a coconut oil, just with added benefits! It’s also very nice to rub a little onto your temples, shoulders or feet at night before rest or sleep, or use it as a decadent moisturiser after a soothing bath. More details of our Organic CBD Coconut Oil here ‘Use CBD for skin as part of your routine’. If using for pain or inflammation, re-apply throughout the day. 46mg per tsp (5ml). Coconut oil is not recommended for daily use on the face if prone to oily skin, however an excellent anti-ageing balm when used regularly.

CBD Coconut Oil 1000mg Organic Key Points

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We recommend doing your own research on the benefits of this incredible plant-derived supplement. There is a wealth of information available online, however we make no claims concerning the medical application of our products.

I have a severe swelling above the knee due to arthritis and pain caused by two tears in the cartilage. I have had key hole surgery behind the knee cap. I have also had steroid injections and fluid drained from behind the knee. Walking was more of a shuffle, taking pain killers daily.
This was devastating to me as I love Ballroom dancing.
The organic CBD Coconut oil reduced the amount of swelling by about 2 thirds and reduced the pain in the knee within a few days. With continued use of CBD once daily massaged onto the knee this has allowed me to do exercises to strengthen the muscles in the knee more.
Now after using Hempen CBD for twelve months and doing the exercises I rarely take any pain killers even when we go dancing for a full day at the tower ballroom.

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