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Buy cannabis seeds in Maryland hassle-free. Guaranteed germination and discreet delivery. Purchase from the largest premium seed bank in the world. Best Bud Seeds provides information about strains and legalities in the state of Maryland regarding marijuana cultivation and consumption. Maryland Hemp Seeds – Buy The Best Maryland Feminized CBD Hemp Seeds & Genetics – Grow Hemp In Maryland – Fortuna Feminized Hemp & CBD Seeds

Cannabis Seeds in Maryland – Buy Marijuana Seeds Online

Are you trying to find high-quality marijuana seeds in Maryland? Or, do you want to look for the best cannabis seeds supplier in the state?

Well, you’ve reached the right place! At United Seeds, we offer over 500 premium-standard cannabis strains, kept under scrutiny by experienced professionals, including horticulturists and botanical specialists. Just select your favorite strain, place your order, and your delivery will reach right at your doorstep.

How To Buy Marijuana Seeds Online In Maryland?

Buying online has never been easier. You can order from your premises any time of the day. Call or message United Seeds and get your timely deliveries at home to buy the best quality seeds. We also provide secure payment alternatives to help you feel comfortable and confident in your purchase. Your cannabis seeds are only a few clicks away. Buy from United Seeds and let the process start right away.

Why United Seeds?

United Seeds is one of the best seed providers across the country, offering a variety of cannabis seeds with differing tastes, aromas, and usage. Our seeds are tested before being stored in medical-grade glass vials to assure freshness and lifespan. The glass vials come in hand-made plastic shells with colorful inserts that describe everything you need to know about your seeds.

We offer a quick delivery service to your door across Maryland and other cities. As there aren’t many seed banks or dispensaries in Maryland, United Seeds ensures that the storage and logistics are well maintained. Our tried-and-true cannabis seeds are nurtured and harvested by experienced personnel with decades of experience in the industry.

So, why would you opt for a company that offers low-quality and subsidized cannabis seeds in Maryland when you can get in touch with United Seeds? We are proficient in selling quick-germinating and wax-like coated cannabis seeds with a variety of different shades. Order now and enjoy your small herb-filled garden.

What are the Advantages of Cannabis Seeds?

Once you’ve mastered the basics of cannabis cultivation, you can buy packs of multiple seed strains and experiment with them. For instance, you can perform cross-pollination with the seed strains. Going for cross-pollination renders two goals: combining plant genetics and promoting seed storage.

Gardeners and weed lovers grow cannabis just for the seeds in certain circumstances. It’s critical to keep female and male plants separate while doing this process. Cross-pollination also provides seeds for future crops if there are two different plants. Start with the varieties available at United Seeds and create your seed bank.

Cannabis Seed Strains

United Seeds offer a variety of seed strains in Maryland, each with its distinctive characteristics and growth. The strains can provide a unique taste and aroma with varying temperature-resistant measures and resistance to mold and other issues.

Some of the strains are listed as under:

Cinderella 99

With a blend ratio of 30I/70S and a THC content of 22%, this particular strain can be planted indoors or outdoors. Also, it needs to be planted and used in the daytime. Cinderella 99 offers a great aroma and taste once fully grown.

White Widow

White Widow is a top-quality cannabis strain used especially for vaping. Its growth period is quick and ensures a great taste for the user. The blend ratio is 60S/40I with a THC value of 26%. It offers quick dormancy periods.


Boasting a THC content of 18% and a blend ratio of 80I/20S, Mazar is great for evening plantation and growth. One of the best strains available in Maryland, it blossoms quickly and renders quick imbibition periods.


Other seed strains include Afghan Auto-flowering, Jack Herer, and Moby Dick CBD.

What is the Cost of Cannabis Seeds?

The type determines the cost of cannabis seeds that you purchase. A small-sized bag of 10 or 12 seeds usually costs around $40. For higher-quality strains, you will have to pay around $400-$500. But, to keep your plants healthy and nutrient-rich, purchase only from renowned companies, like United Seeds. You will have no issue with legal regulations or any discrepancies whatsoever.

What Are the Requirements for Planting Marijuana Seeds?

To initiate a false seedbed as a weed management strategy is influenced by essential elements that determine seed germination and the growth of seedlings. Some essential environmental parameters include soil/water mixture, temperature, sun exposure, fluctuating temperatures, nitrate concentration, and soil pH.

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Seeds will always seek moisture content and optimum temperature as core values for growth. Below are some pointers to remember.

  • Optimal temperature: 22 and 25 degrees Celsius (71 and 77 degrees Fahrenheit).
  • Growing environment: damp but not wet.
  • Relative humidity levels: 70% and 90%.
  • Seeds prefer fluorescent lighting
  • The Optimal pH for hydroponic/Rockwool plugs is 5.8–6.2.
Are Cannabis Seeds legal in Maryland?

Cannabis seeds are legal to buy in Maryland since they are an adult novelty item. United Seeds offers an extensive assortment of high-quality medicinal marijuana seeds. However, cannabis seeds and plant cultivation are prohibited for now while the state reconsiders its position.

Delivery and Packaging

Our online deliveries are time-oriented and safe, reaching out to different cities across Maryland. Our durable packaging and efficient logistics provide an excellent experience for the customer.

United Seeds – A Super Experience

Buying cannabis seeds in Maryland isn’t an issue for buyers as there are no strict restrictions. So, to purchase a high-quality pack, contact United Seeds and enjoy planting in your own homes and backyards. However, do ensure that the conditions provided are optimum.

Maryland Cannabis Seeds – Marijuana Seeds For Sale in Maryland

Please Note: Best Bud Seeds is NOT a legal advisor. Information contained in this website is intended as general introductory information only. The information contained on this website is not legal advice. It should not be construed as legal advice and should not be relied upon as such.


Best Bud Seeds sells marijuana and cannabis seeds online as an adult novelty in Maryland, even though it is illegal to cultivate at home. Finding premium seeds in Maryland can be a daunting task but buying from Best Bud Seeds eliminates the need for taking extra time out of your day for searching, and you are guaranteed high-quality seeds on every order. Consider buying your cannabis seeds online from our trusted resources at Best Bud Seeds.


At Best Bud Seeds, each order is cared for from start to finish. Our hand selected seeds are carefully packaged to your exact order specifications for a superior product. Whether you order High THC Cannabis Seeds, Medical or High CBD Cannabis Seeds, Indica Cannabis Seeds, Sativa Cannabis Seeds, Hybrid Cannabis Seeds, or our Best Bud Seeds Exclusive Cross Strain Cannabis Seeds, our seeds are always top-notch quality with the most variety in an online marijuana seed bank. Our staff is always there to answer your questions about our seeds and the growing process for you, as well as being available to answer any questions pertaining to your state. We are a high-end cannabis seed bank, but that doesn’t mean your pockets will be gouged. We believe in fair pricing to ensure you get the best deal on marijuana seeds in Maryland and online.

Our checkout process makes it easy to purchase marijuana seeds online in Maryland. Your checkout information will remain anonymous for your privacy and security. Our trusted and secured checkout process eliminates the worry of legitimacy when buying cannabis seeds online. At Best Bud Seeds, we know how important it is to make sure your seeds get delivered to your door lightning fast. Your orders, no matter the size, are guaranteed to be delivered in one week or less (US residents only, other country ship times may vary).

Choose Best Bud Seeds for your next marijuana seed order.


Best Bud Seeds has done the vital research for you, so that you know exactly which cannabis strains do the best in Maryland. Use our table below as a reference to the recommended cannabis strains and compare strain properties. This will help make choosing marijuana seeds easier for you, but if you still have any questions Contact Us.


It is legal to buy cannabis seeds regardless of legalities in Maryland as an adult novelty item, but it is illegal to cultivate marijuana at home in Maryland.

Ordering your marijuana seeds from Best Bud Seeds means you are guaranteed the highest germination production in the whole country. We promise that no fewer than 98% of our seeds will germinate, and if you happen to get a bad batch, we will replace any additional duds for your ease of mind as the grower. Our feminized cannabis seeds are fully feminized for your peace of mind as the grower, so you don’t have to worry about pesky male plants ruining your crops. View our Germination Guide page for more information.

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Our fast shipping ensures that your seeds will get to you in a timely manner so that you can start your marijuana crop fast. Additionally, fast shipping also means less stress on your cannabis seeds for optimal germination. View our Shipping Policy page for more information on shipping speed and mail couriers.

If you are not satisfied with the quality of our products, view our Return, Refund & Exchange Policy page for further information on how we can do right by you. Other online marijuana seed banks tend to beat around the bush about the care and quality of your seeds. We don’t think it’s fair to have a “what you see is what you get” attitude when it comes to buying cannabis seeds. At Best Bud Seeds, we are dedicated to making sure you are satisfied with our cannabis seeds and customer service.


Looking for high-quality Medical Marijuana Seeds in Maryland? Best Buds Seeds is your trusted source. Every cannabis strain in our Medical Seeds category is medical grade and was carefully engineered with the right genetics for medicinal purposes in mind. Our massive selection of High CBD, CBG, and CBN cannabis seeds is the largest online medical marijuana seed bank by far. Whether you’re looking for a mix of both CBD and THC cannabis seeds for pain relief, or medical cannabis seeds without psychoactive properties, Best Bud Seeds has a wide variety of medical marijuana seeds for your choosing.


This answer might be confusing to some, since there is a big difference between availability and growability in marijuana strains in Maryland. Some seeds that may be available in Maryland, might not be the best place to grow them per say.

While it doesn’t matter whether your cannabis seeds will be producing Indica or Sativa flower, the attributes to each strain is what is important in Maryland. At Best Bud Seeds, we’ve taken into consideration climate, temperature, bug-resistance, wind-resistance, and timing.

Best Bud Seeds recommends Sativa strains such as Sour Punch, because Sativa cannabis plants can withstand the weather conditions of Maryland.


Best Bud Seeds has compiled a list of marijuana growing advice resources for you to help take some of the work off of your plate, so that you can have the smoothest grow possible. Here are our favorite guides for growing cannabis plants in Maryland:


Maryland has warm maritime type climates, and mild winters. So this means you can choose Sativa strains that typically take longer to harvest because there in cut-off time for harvesting in this type of climate like how you would see in any northeastern states that have harsh winters.


Best Bud Seeds recommends growing outdoors in Maryland starting in early spring if the weather permits it.

If you have the capability to grow marijuana in Maryland, check out our Best Bud Seeds Categories.


Maryland’s HB 881, the Natalie M. LaPrade Medical Marijuana Commission legislation, was signed by Gov. Martin O’Malley in 2014. HB 881 created the Natalie M. LaPrade Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission (MMCC) and charged it with establishing regulations for the legal consumption, cultivation, possession, and distribution of cannabis products to patients 18 and older.

MMCC released its regulatory changes in August 2019. They added dentists, certified nurse midwives, nurse practitioners, and podiatrists to the list of eligible providers and made a few administrative changes. The MMCC oversees all licensing, registration, inspection, and testing pertaining to Maryland’s medical marijuana program. It also runs the registry for patients and caregivers and ensures that medical marijuana is made available in a safe and effective manner.


Can you legally grow cannabis in this state?

Is it medical only, or recreational?

Marijuana consumption is legal for qualifying medical patients and remains illegal for recreational users.

What is the limit on the number of plants you can grow for medical vs. recreational in Pennsylvania?

What security requirements exist? Does the grow location need to be locked? Can it be indoor or outdoor?

No information available about marijuana cultivation requirements in Maryland.

Are there any proposed changes to these laws that may take effect in the future?

In July 2021, House Speaker Adrienne Jones (D) announced the House intends to pass a bill to refer legalization to voters on the 2022 ballot. The announcement also included the formation of a legalization workgroup to study the issue. The group is anticipated to start meeting this fall and will study issues such as licensing rules, tax structures, social equity, and expanded access to substance misuse treatment. This proposed bill is important to the future legalization of cannabis in Maryland.


Best Bud Seeds can still ship cannabis seeds to Maryland as an adult novelty item, but we do not encourage medical or recreational marijuana cultivation until it has been legalized in Maryland. We recommend looking at our Legal Disclaimer. We ship cannabis seeds to these following cities to name a few:

  • Baltimore
  • Ocean City
  • Annapolis
  • Frederick
  • Maryland City
  • Rockville
  • Hagerstown
  • Bethesda
  • Gaithersburg
  • Salisbury
  • Bowie
  • Bel Air
  • Germantown
  • Potomac
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Best Bud Seeds cannabis seed bank is guaranteed to deliver your order within 5-7 business days to the state of Maryland. View our Cannabis Seed Collection and get started today.

Information about Maryland updated on 6/29/22.

Not Sure Which Marijuana Seeds Are Best for Growing In Your Climate, State or Region?

Browse our geographic guide to cannabis seeds to find the best marijuana seeds to purchase by state for your grow location and environment.


To grow hemp in Maryland, one must follow a strict set of guidelines. The Maryland Industrial Hemp Research Pilot Program registers hemp growing sites and facilitates all aspects of hemp production in the state. The Department does not, however, hold jurisdiction over hemp sales or distribution.

Registrants must partner with an institute of higher education or apply through the Maryland Department of Agriculture to qualify for a hemp license. The state requires that licensees have a research purpose, but does allow growers to enter hemp into commerce after harvest.

There is currently no limit on acreage or application numbers. Anyone who meets all requirements is eligible for hemp program licensing in Maryland.

Get Licensed to Grow Hemp in Maryland

The first step to getting licensed to grow hemp in Maryland is to determine what type of hemp the applicant hopes to produce. There are three types of hemp: grain, fiber, and CBD hemp. Though the latter is certainly the most profitable, it also requires more stringent up-keep.

After determining the goal of the hemp farm, applicants must partner with a University in Maryland or register a research proposal with the state’s DOA. They must also develop a plan for plant destruction should they produce more than the maximum federal THC allowance of 0.3 percent.

The next step is to determine a location in which hemp will grow. Those who do not own the property must provide written consent of land use. The state prohibits outdoor hemp production within 1000 feet of a school or public recreational facility.

Finally, before applying to Maryland’s hemp program, all key participants must request a criminal background check. The purpose of the background check is to confirm that no applicants had a felony conviction within the last ten years. All applicants must be at least 18 years old to qualify for licensing.

After all of the previous steps are complete, the applicant may register their hemp site location with the Department. The Industrial Hemp Site Registration Form must include contact information, site location, and research project details. There is also a $250 site registration fee required for each location. Applicants may then send the form and all supporting documents to:

Turf & Seed Section; Maryland Department of Agriculture

50 Harry S Truman Parkway

Annapolis, Maryland 21401

Buy Maryland Feminized Hemp Seeds

The state of Maryland does not involve itself in the sale of hemp seeds. It is the responsibility of the person sourcing the seeds to ensure they are compliant with state seed laws and federal hemp standards. Seeds that produce cannabis plants with THC levels above hemp’s maximum threshold are federally illegal and, therefore, non-compliant with Maryland’s hemp program. Non-compliant hemp plants (those containing more than 0.3 percent THC) require prompt destruction and reporting to the proper authorities.

To ensure compliant hemp plants, growers must source their seeds from a reliable source. Those with a plan to grow CBD hemp seeds should only buy female seeds to increase cannabinoid production and improve product quality.

At Fortuna, we pride ourselves on our premium feminized CBD seeds and consultation services. Our Maryland feminized seeds produce boutique-quality hemp flowers that sell well as both smokable flower and CBD extracts.

For more information on Maryland’s hemp program, visit their website or contact us to learn how we can help.

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