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How long do the effects last?

A standard dose and the onset and offset were no different than standard THC for me. It can be an elusive feeling, because it all depends on your state of mind and body chemistry. When you eat the same edible dose seven days in a row, none of those seven will be the same experience. THC-O isn’t very different from that.

THC, CBD, CBG — those are naturally occurring cannabinoids. Creating a new group of cannabinoids through modification of them is how you create THC-O. It’s a pharmaceutical modification, so we can create a prodrug.

How are those effects different from the feelings already produced by natural THC and other cannabinoids?

Is there just one word for the description of “high”? Smoking and eating THC are two different types of high, just like [THC-O] has its own shade of high. I believe it’s a completely different angle on the CBD receptors, and completely different chemical engagement with my body.

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Right now, it’s a stand-alone modification, and users have reported distinct feelings. People are reporting it as a sleeping and relaxing aid, which you can also get with standard THC. But twenty people have tested it, and we’ve heard around ten specific references throughout.

The first reports of THC-O were over fifty years ago, and some people researched it for black market purposes, because THC-O doesn’t show up on drug identifying tests. The standards of drug tests would not identify it. It’s much less detectable [to law enforcement]. It’s also been used as an incapacitating agent of some kind, although I’ve never found it’s been strong enough to incapacitate me.

As chemists try to attain precise effects, cannabis has been modified into specified chemical structures. Some of these forms of THC, the main compound responsible for marijuana’s intoxicating effects, aren’t even produced naturally in the plant.

Serge Chistov: A lot of people want edibles that give people that daily THC experience, because that’s why people smoke. I like the uplifting feeling of THC. I like how it makes me feel creatively, how it makes me go about my day, when I play sports, and things like that. But that’s a predicament for edible consumers, because that is impossible to obtain [via ingestion]. You need either a nano-technology to skip your mouth and enter the bloodstream, or a suppository, which is less user-friendly.

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