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canabidol review

On their website, Canabidol proudly display an adapted quote from US Marine and Medal of Honour winner William A. Foster; “Quality is never an accident; it’s always the result of intelligent actions.” I agree entirely, but it’s a strong statement and I’m keen to see if their products live up to it.

When I first received the bottle, I was impressed by the golden coloured oil, which is perfectly displayed thanks to the minimalist transparent label. It’s a refined oil that’s been carefully filtered to enhance clarity and flavour.

Who are Canabidol?

I took the recommended half a dropper, twice a day. At that rate, the bottle lasted for nearly twelve days. I didn’t notice any effects during this time, but that didn’t surprise me as 5% oils aren’t usually very potent for me. Also as a full-spectrum product the other cannabinoids are found in such low amounts that I didn’t expect it to compare to other 5% products like CBD Guru, Hempura and CBD Brothers Blue Edition. 25mg per day is a reasonably small amount.

The hemp used in their products is grown using organic farming methods by one of the world’s largest supplier. They use cannabis plants that are cannabinoid-rich and have been specifically bred for Canabidol. After that, they’re able to create precisely formulated oils with their state of the art extraction equipment. The result is a full-spectrum oil that’s packed with CBD, alongside other cannabinoids and terpenes.

Canabidol are a UK CBD company based in Brighton. They started with a select range of oils and capsules and have now expanded to include several water-based oral suspensions that blend CBD with other beneficial substances. They’re also a partner company to Access CBD who claim to be among the UK’s cheapest brands and are an excellent place to purchase Canabidol products.

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Interactions ?

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Offers Canabidol have a newsletter for customers to sign up to which contains offers and information about their products, plus they have occasional competitions on their Facebook account for their followers to win an impressive selection of CBD-based prizes.

Product Range Canabidol have a huge range of products, including some that you’re unlikely to find anywhere else. This includes standard options such as oil drops, vape liquid and capsules, as well as variations on these such as cacoa-tabs (chocolate flavoured, for a more appealing taste) and gel tabs. Rather than CBD balm, they sell ‘rescue cream’, which works in a similar way but with an aqua base for increased absorption.

Product Prices Canabidol charge a fair price for their products, though other brands can work out cheaper. To take an example, a 10ml bottle of 250mg CBD oil drops from Canabidol costs £19.99, while a 10ml bottle of 400mg CBD oil from Love CBD costs £25.99. The difference in price isn’t huge, but it can add up. Similarly, the more expensive option, a 10ml bottle of 1000mg CBD oil drops from Canabidol costs £69.99, while the same size bottle and CBD content from CBD Life is just £49.95.


Canabidol’s website is comprehensive and detailed, with each product listing containing a wealth of information about the item, including a full list of ingredients (including amount of cannabinoids) and all other relevant information, such as how it should be used. However, as stated above the lab testing links go to an external site which requests that the customer manually inputs the batch number – this means it takes a little more time to access them, but has the benefit of presenting the results without any risk of them being falsified. As well as this, the Canabidol site is excellent, with an in-depth and well-written ‘education’ section which answers the most common questions about CBD.

USP We asked Canabidol what separates their brand from the hundreds of other CBD companies on the market. They replied, “We produce from seed to shelf – all of our development, production, dispatch and support is UK based.” Clearly, Canabidol are in it for the long haul – this is not a case of a smash and grab company looking to capitalise on CBD’s recent soaring success, this is a company committed to taking the CBD industry forward.

Again, due to their use of a network of farms for their hemp supplies Canabidol do not rely solely on one specific strain. However, while one strain can offer reliability and predictability, the use of various strains can lead to the beneficial ‘entourage effect’, whereby the overall strength of the terpenes, cannabinoids and compounds found in the hemp plant are boosted by the use of multiple strains. Canabidol point out that currently they predominantly use three major strains of sativa L. plants, as well as experimenting with a variety of legal cannabis strains for future innovations.

The website is comprehensive, full of everything that you could want to know about their products, whether you’re an experienced CBD user or brand new. The process of finding the lab results is something of a convoluted method, but does give added certainty about the accuracy of their claims. Their communication is good – they gave detailed answers to our questions, and their online presence is friendly, helpful and clearly keen to help out people new to CBD.