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can you put hemp oil on dogs skin

When dogs ingest THC, they have similar side effects as humans, but to a much more severe degree. Your dog may have problems breathing, controlling urine, and moving around in general.

Dog allergies come from those same sources but they are far less equipped to deal with them. So when you see your pup grooming himself all day, consider checking to see if he has irritations on his skin.

CBD vs THC: Which is Right for Dog Skin Allergies?

Fortunately for our beloved pet owners, we can identify allergic reactions by paying attention to our dog’s behavior. The most obvious sign of a skin allergy is the scratching and chewing of irritated areas.

Knowing that your dog has skin allergies isn’t always an obvious thing. Dogs are wonderful, but they cannot speak to us and say, “I think that tasty dandelion I ate outside is irritating my skin! I’m having an allergic reaction!”

There is a multitude of things that could cause a dog to develop a skin allergy. This is why we encourage you to properly care for your dog by checking its coat regularly. Doing so will allow you to ensure that there isn’t any inflammation or sore skin occurring.

Dog skin problems come in many forms and have many causes. The properties of hemp oil makes it effective for treating all skin ailments in dogs.

Hemp oil for dog skin health is effective because of hemp oil’s unique properties compared to that of other oils and treatments. Dogs experience a range of skin problems causing them to itch, lick and bite certain parts of their body. These behaviors coupled with sores and dry skin will tell you it’s time to investigate a potential skin issue with your dog. Common skin problems in dogs range from allergies to infections and require treatment and prevention for relief. Hemp oil is the best antidote for dog skin problems.

Where to get hemp oil for dog skin health

Hemp oil for dogs does not contain any toxic or psychoactive compounds such as THC. So it can be used safely and liberally– it is not possible to overdose on hemp oil for dogs . The best way to give hemp oil to your dog is in the form of a hemp oil for dogs spray bottle . This way you can apply hemp oil both orally and topically. It is recommended to experiment administering hemp oil to your dog both orally and topically and see what works best for their skin and health.

Not all hemp oil for dogs is created equal. You’ll want to make sure you are getting only the highest quality hemp oil because it is safer for your dog, more effective and thus, more bang for your buck. High quality and high strength hemp oil for dogs is extracted from male stalks and leaves of the cannabis sativa plant, meaning its medicinal qualities are more potent. A specialized spray nozzle is the best option for dogs so that you can apply it either topically or orally. You can get it here .

Hemp oil has been shown to treat and prevent skin problems in dogs ranging from acne, dry nose, eczema, and dandruff to shedding . Hemp oil contains fatty acids, phospholipids, and antioxidants that powerfully support the mammalian body. By increasing the levels of essential fatty acids in the skin, hemp oil relieves itchy and dry skin, promotes overall skin health and reduces the likelihood of developing skin disorders in the long run.