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can truck drivers use cbd oil

While some people do consider it appropriate for recreational use, CBD is better known for its impressive benefits to health and wellness. CBD acts on your body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS) to help you maintain a state of balance, physically and even mentally.

CBD products can also produce positive results when it comes to regulating your sleep-wake cycle if you take it every day. It won’t make you sleepy unless you take large doses, so it doesn’t really matter what time you take your CBD supplement. Most people stick to smaller doses of cannabidiol in the morning and larger ones at night.

What is CBD Oil?

This is what a Broad-Spectrum CBD product lab report will look like. As you can see there are no traces of THC found in the extract.

If you’re like most truck drivers, you’ve dealt with your share of aches and soreness. The average truck driver has a busy schedule and can’t afford to get out and stretch. Still, the use of CBD oil among other people dealing with pain is on the rise. This begs the question, can truck drivers use CBD oil to help with aches and soreness?

Several of the cannabinoids found in cannabis plants can help with aches and soreness. While the plants themselves also contain THC, CBD oil can provide truck drivers with similar pain-relieving benefits. You should still be careful about dosing with your favorite cannabidiol product. Stick to low doses for aches and soreness if you plan to use CBD oil while you’re driving.

To start, the use of cannabis for medical and recreational purposes is now legal in 11 U.S states . Cannabis-derived products, such as cannabidiol (CBD) oils, are now federally legal.

CBD is also not recommended for people who are immune-compromised as well as people with liver disease and people with Parkinson’s disease. Studies found that cannabidiol actually worsens tremors and muscle movements in people with this disease.

Can Truck Drivers Use CBD Oil?

THC and CBD are just two of the more than 80 organic cannabinoids present in the plant. According to researchers, cannabinoids are the chemicals that protect the plant from UV rays. Cannabinoid levels also change with sun exposure . This is why the flowers from the female plant often have more cannabinoids than the rest of the plant.

There are still no clear findings on the mental health benefits of CBD and THC. Early trials show some encouraging data but it’s still too early to tell if CBD and THC are effective in treating psychiatric disorders.

Some studies showed promise in CBD’s ability to aid those who suffer from social anxiety, insomnia, and post-traumatic stress disorder. But as always, we recommend you speak with your primary care physician before taking any products.

All of these combined tensions can lead to a state of system-wide physiological and psychological stress and tension. Even if you decide to drive shorter days, the minimum day length for most truck drivers is at least eight hours. That’s plenty of time to make you tense enough to commit serious errors.

Truck drivers are used to spending nights away from home, but it can still be hard to acclimate to the constant noise of sleeping on the side of a highway. Even rest areas that are more off the beaten path are filled with the sounds of cars pulling in and out, doors slamming, and people talking outside, which can make getting a good night’s sleep seem like an impossible task from the bunk at the back of your cab.

2. Aches & pains behind the wheel

As a truck driver, you can be behind the wheel for up to 11 hours at a time . While you might want to drive that full 11 hours to make as much money as possible across the shortest number of days, even driving for a few hours at a time is enough to make most people cry for mercy.

Whether they live near busy airports, suffer from anxiety, or can’t stand road-noise, countless people have reported success after using CBD for sleep. We understand that the time you set aside to rest while you’re on the road is precious, so the next time you can’t seem to settle down even though you have a long haul ahead of you tomorrow, remember that CBD flower pre-roll you stashed away in a compartment.

The life of a truck driver isn’t for the faint of heart. While there’s a certain sense of exhilarating freedom on the open road, you pay for this privilege with long workdays and even longer amounts of time spent away from home.