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can a dog overdose on hemp oil

Because of the serious danger of xylitol, we recommend completely avoiding companies that sell any artificially flavored CBD products, even if they have a xylitol free pet version. It’s simply too easy for a product to be mislabeled.

Most importantly – make sure you review test results for the exact batch of product you’re buying ! Some companies simply run these tests one time, and not for each and every batch, as Cannanine does.

#1 – Never Use CBD Products with Potentially Dangerous Artificial Flavorings

Because CBD has also exploded in popularity in the human market, companies have begun adding artificial and sugar free flavorings to their products in order to make them more palatable to people. Unfortunately, however, many pet owners do not realize how dangerous sugar free additives like xylitol are to their furry friends.

According to Ahna Brutlag, DVM writing for PetMD:

The most potent and cost effective method. Cannanine hemp oil is great for dogs experiencing ongoing issues with mobility, a sense of calm and allergies.

Both isolates and full-spectrum products are appropriate for dogs. Valid full-spectrum products will not contain THC, but it never hurts to investigate, ask questions, and check customer reviews for the items in question. Rest assured that all varieties of cannabidiol will nurture your pets in an all-natural and optimal way.

CBD Isolate And Full Spectrum CBD Oil For Dogs

Less CBD Is More

CBD Dog Overdose Potential

Grave, morbid questions, but they are necessary when beginning any new supplemental routine for our companion animals. Luckily, when administering CBD, not much is likely to happen if you give your dog “too much” cannabidiol.

CBD itself will not kill a dog in doses anywhere near the standard therapeutic dosages. Of course, if your dog is on other medications, or if they have a disorder that prevents them from metabolizing drugs properly, then they should only be taking cannabidiol under veterinary supervision. Always share your decision to begin your pets CBD regimen with trained animal specialists.

Can CBD Kill A Dog?

The term CBD is currently being used, not just to describe cannabidiol itself, but to refer to any product that features cannabidiol. These products can have a wide range of ingredients, some of which may be harmful to your pets. When giving your animals cannabidiol products, be sure to double-check the ingredients and get your vet to look over the details. It is crucial to track down lab-test results as well, to ensure the purity and potency of your chosen product.