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bpm labs cbd oil

CB2 Oil may assist* in the protection of cells from free radical damage, normalise cell differentiation and improve immune function, promote healthy gut, aid anxiety and promote sleep. Omega fatty acids assist with general health including skin, immune function and inflammation. Terpenes have a range of therapeutic benefits including improving the symptoms of delayed onset muscle soreness and recovery.

Serving size: 1ml daily as a liquid or blended into powders.

BPM Labs Hemp CB2 Oil is a rich source of terpenes and fat soluble vitamins and unrestricted cannabinoids.

This product is only intended for healthy adults, 15 years of age or older. Consult your medical practitioner before using any dietary supplement. Do not take this product if you have any medical condition and /or are taking any medication. Do not use if pregnant or nursing (breast feeding). This product is not a sole source of nutrition and should be consumed in conjunction with a nutritious diet with an appropriate physical training or exercise program. Discontinue use and consult your health care professional if you experience any adverse reaction to this product. Do not use if safety seal is broken or missing. Keep out of reach of children.

*Hemp CB2 Oil is a rich source of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, vitamins A and vitamin E. Terpenes are added to the specified levels.

CB1 receptors are concentrated in the brain regions, which are associated with the behaviours they influence. CB1 receptors are found throughout the body but are mostly present in the brain and spinal cord. There are three main areas of the brain which are affected by these receptors. The Hypothalamus; a small region of the brain located near the pituitary gland; helping to control one’s appetite. Amygdala; an almond-shaped set of neurons located deep in the brain’s medial temporal lobe; forming the Limbic System which plays a role in memory and emotional processing. And CB1 receptors are also found in nerve endings where they act to reduce sensations of pain throughout the body.

Myrcene is the most abundant terpene produced by cannabis, providing an earthy, fruity aroma with a hint of spice. Myrcene is known to assist in anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and as a muscle relaxant.

How does Hemp CB2 Oil by BPM Labs work?

CB2 receptors are primarily concentrated in immune cells and tend to be found in the peripheral nervous system. When CB2 receptors are activated, they work to reduce inflammation. Inflammation plays a role in many diseases and conditions.


The Endocannabinoid System
Endo meaning Endogenous and Cannabinoid refers to the group of compounds that activate this system; is a biological system, playing several crucial roles throughout the human body. The Endocannabinoid system is also responsible for the physical and psychological effects of cannabis. This system is made up of two essential receptors, CB1 and CB2. Both receptors respond to different cannabinoids. However, some cannabinoids can interact with both receptors.