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Mighty Health’s Balance formula is exactly what you need if you don’t care for chocolate, tinctures, olive oil, gummies, or vapes. Balance comes in capsule form. And while it contains a good dose of CBD, it’s not just a CBD pill. It’s a neutraceutical, which is technically not recognized as a separate category by the F.D.A—instead, neutraceuticals are pretty much treated like dietary supplements. This one in particular contains ashwagandha, L-Theanine, theobromine, and curcumin. I know, it sounds very Goop-y. But the most important thing is its per-capsule CBD content, which is a good dose at 10mg.

I’m not big on CBD drinks. But I can appreciate that others are. And in the cannabis world, CBD and THC drinks abound: There’s CBD Living Water, Recess, Vybes, Lagunitas HiFi Hops, Somatik Cold Brew, Kikoko Tea, and more. But Aurora Elixirs is what I was drawn to. It’s marketed as a mixer for when you want to make cocktails. I, however, think it’s perfectly fine on its own. Pop it in the fridge to cool and drink it whenever you need it. No complicated recipe or garnish required.

Me? I haven’t taken an Aleve in more than a year. And no episodes either. Not after a particularly grim run or even a grueling Krav Maga session. Not even during a week-long fitness retreat. So here are a few of CBD favorites that have helped me deal with pain and soreness—plus a few THC–CBD combo products for those who are so inclined.

For home cooks like me, I recommend CBD extra virgin olive oil because of its versatility. You can drizzle it on everything from salads to pizza and even brambleberry ice cream. I even make a miso-honey glaze while using a little bit of the stuff. In particular, I’m a big fan of Pot d’Huile, which was founded by San Francisco-based Yannick Crespo. It’s stellar. For one thing, it tastes exactly the way good EVOO should—with none of that “green” marijuana aftertaste. It also doesn’t remind me of Bertolli—not that there’s anything wrong with it. But you know, delicious EVOO is nothing like Bertolli. Crespo attributes Pot d’Huile’s non-compromising flavor with the ethanol extraction process that the company uses, which is slightly more expensive—in addition to using locally-sourced oil from Northern California. The flavor is so good that Pot d’Huile regularly hosts pop-up dinners with chefs who are so into it. (And if you ever find yourself in a city where they’re hosting, it’d be a shame to skip out.) But beyond all that, Pot d’Huile makes dosing easy: It’s 1mg of CBD per 1ml of olive oil. So all you’ll really need to incorporate CBD EVOO into your meals are measuring spoons. And yes, they do have THC olive oils as well—at $50 for 100ml. In the future, the company also has plans on creating a THC–CBD oil. Easy peasy.

San Francisco-based Pot d’Huile is beloved by pro-cannabis chefs and home cooks because of its . [+] uncompromising flavor. The company even hosts pop-up dinner collaborations with chefs.

One major factor I considered when narrowing down this roundup is flavor. It comes in second to dosage—because nobody wants to consume anything that tastes remotely medicinal. Valhalla’s Tropical Twist is both tasty and dosed conveniently: Each gummy contains just enough THC and CBD to ease pain and promote recovery. And because it packs flat, it’s easy to stash and carry around. (I actually put a whole package in my laptop sleeve for accessibility when I’m on the go.)

Trying a THC-CBD edible for the very first time? These goji berries are the way to go.

They are detail oriented, taking the time to do the small things right. Their huge range of products includes full-spectrum, capsules, tinctures and even pastes. Sold at a very reasonable price, you can find their products on their online shop only.

The growth of the UK CBD industry has shown no signs of slowing down so we can only hope that this means high quality, THC-free brands like Vibes CBD will eventually make their way into high street shops.

Part of the Cannabis Trades Association, Blessed CBD was a close contender for the top pick, but their prices are slightly on the higher side. But don’t be swayed by the price tag—Blessed CBD’s range of products work, and they’ve won unanimous “best CBD oil” awards from the likes of Mirror, Observer, Manchester Evening News, Birmingham Mail,QuitNet, LA Weekly and Leicester Mercury. If you need a high-quality, premium CBD brand, Blessed CBD is perfect for you.

4. Nutra CBD

Based on hours of research, testing and customer feedback, here’s a list of the best CBD oil products you can buy in the UK. These UK CBD oil brands are trusted, established and known for producing only the highest quality CBD products.

As more and more research is carried out, the picture of what CBD can do gets clearer, and all signs point to the fact that it’s going to be a permanent part of many people’s health regimens.

There are a variety of cannabis plants. Marijuana plants that have high amounts of THC (the compound that causes the psychoactive effect) are the ones that are illegal (so cannabis oil is illegal in the UK).

Another brand based in Scotland, Crush CBD is highly respected, being linked with advanced research studies of cannabis. This is a brand that makes some truly high quality products. The hemp used in their oils, capsules and topicals is EU-grown, Non-GMO and their methodology unlike anything in the industry.

When buying a health supplement, value should be determined by what’s best for your health and what’s best for your wallet. With a CBD product, you want the one that gives you the fullest range of health benefits for the best value.

While CBD may help manage sleep, pain, and inflammation, CBD alone may not have the same effect of other rarer cannabinoids such as CBG, CBDV, or THCV. These other cannabinoids could prove to be more useful than CBD for certain ailments.

There’s More Than CBD

CBD has exploded as a natural remedy for chronic pain, sleep disorders, anxiety and many other issues. With everyone from your mom to your grandma using it, CBD is becoming hard to ignore.

Anyone can buy CBD isolate off the web and make their own brand. This ease of access to CBD has led to crowded shelves with products that may look different on the outside, but on the inside, all have the same CBD-only-formula.

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