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best cbd oil for crohn’s

It has a pleasing peppermint taste and comes in 30 ml bottles with two CBD potencies: 25 mg of CBD per ml (750 mg total) and 80 mg of CBD per ml (2400 mg total).

Their CBD broad-spectrum tincture comes in two potencies, 1000 mg. and 2000 mg. in two flavors plus natural unflavored. CBD oil comes in 500 mg. – 3,000 mg. bottles.


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Spruce stands out from the competition in several ways. For instance, it’s a family-run business, which is unusual in the CBD industry.

In animal models, research has shown positive effects on inflammation in the gut by rectally administering cannabidiol at a dosage of 20 mg/kg. This study indicated a possible role [8] for topical administration directly into the gut mucosa to help decrease inflammation.

In a random controlled research carried out in Isreal, results showed that CBD use reduced remission in more than 65% of patients after 8 weeks of treatment. However, the improvements were not due to the direct effects of CBD on the gut.

Though research on the effects of CBD on Crohn’s disease is limited, reports suggest that CBD shows incredible therapeutic benefits for people suffering from IBD symptoms.

For this reason, many people suffering from IBD nowadays opt to use CBD products for managing the symptoms of the disease.

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For some people, the results have been a huge improvement in the quality of life. For others, there are mild and few benefits. This is why experts largely advise that – when you start using CBD, experiment with different doses to find out your optimal dose.

Are you looking for the best cbd oil for Crohn’s disease? In this post you will learn how CBD oil can help treat your symptoms and help you in your day to day life.

For many people suffering from Irritable bowel disease, finding the right drug that suppresses their symptoms is a trial and error.

Although CBD oil has some side effects, WHO has made it known that cannabis products do not contain any health risks. However, with more controlled research to be carried out, the potential for treating Crohn’s disease with CBD will improve.

Gold Bee makes the best CBD oils for Crohn’s disease if your daily dose doesn’t exceed 40 mg CBD daily. This company sells full-spectrum CBD oil in three flavors: natural, honey, and kiwi, with CBD concentration of up to 1,200 mg. These products are sourced from organic, pesticide-free hemp grown in Colorado and extracted with carbon dioxide to maintain the original chemical profile of hemp. You can also choose from CBD gummies and capsules.

CBD (cannabidiol), is one of the two major active compounds in the cannabis plant. Unlike the second most well-known cannabinoid, THC, CBD won’t make you feel high because it doesn’t have a direct affinity with the cannabinoid receptors in the brain.

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Similar to CBD, THC is a well-known muscle relaxant. It can be used to prevent muscles from contracting in the intestinal tract with IBD. This reduces abdominal pain and supports motility in the digestive tract — leading to less constipation, cramping, and satiety (12).

Today, CBD products are mixed with adjunctive ingredients like aloe vera, chamomile, peppermint, and other herbs to maximize the efficacy of the treatment. Some people also add probiotics to their CBD products to maintain a healthy intestinal tract.

Last but not least, we have CBD isolates that contain pure cannabidiol. These products are obtained from hemp plants and further purified from all the other compounds.