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aura cbd oil uk

Another issue is the returns policy. Compared to most brands we see, Aura’s policy is very harsh, and the returns period is very short. It doesn’t bode well for those who aren’t satisfied with their purchase.

When other brands are making lab reports a priority, not having them or even mentioning them is not good enough.

The founder of Aura CBD is a woman named Charlotte. She began using CBD back in 2013, and it radically changed her life. She began to take care of what she was putting in her body, using natural supplements regularly and switching to veganism.

Aura CBD Review: Highlights

There are a variety of CBD oils available at Aura. The range includes CORE CBD oil, Ecologie Hybrid CBD oil, and Organic CBD oil. The website is a bit cluttered, and there are almost too many options to choose from. The Ecologie oil contains a mixture of full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD, while the CORE tinctures have an MCT oil base. The Organic items are pretty standard. Each one comes in a different percentage strength.
Cost: £17.99 – £389.99

The Aura website says that this brand believes in people before profits. As a result, all of its products also come in recycled packaging with minimal plastic. Aura CBD also makes an effort to be affordable.

Aura CBD stocks a couple of different products, including oil, paste, and topical skincare products. Find out about the full selection in the sections below, where we run through the products and prices.

In this review, we find out whether the brand is really worth the money. So, if you’re a CBD user in the UK, stick around to learn whether this brand is the right one for you.

So, what about their actual products?

CBD pastes have not been mixed with a carrier oil, and therefore provide CBD in the purest form. People who are extremely health-conscious may find that paste is their preferred option, even though the hemp taste comes through more strongly. CBD pastes come in a syringe rather than a dropper, with measurements to make dosing easy.

Aura CBD Products

With the sheer number of CBD brands around nowadays, choosing can feel impossible. It’s difficult to make a decision in an unregulated industry, as there is somewhat of a risk involved. Fortunately, things are looking up in the world of CBD and the majority of brands are now adhering to good standards.

There are a number of different strengths available, meaning that newcomers and veterans alike can enjoy Aura CBD. What’s more, regular users can bulk buy in 4-packs to earn yourself a slight discount.

There are two different websites for Aura CBD, one American and one for the UK audience. When shopping, make sure you are on the right site. Unfortunately, the websites are clearly very different, and the American version has clearly had a lot more care put into it. While this is annoying, it doesn’t really speak about the products themselves.

Although Aura CBD have been great so far, one thing we haven’t managed to find for this company is any trusted source of third party reviews. We couldn’t find any Trustpilot or pages for the company, so we reached out to Aura CBD to see why this is. According to the team at Aura, the MHRA said they had to remove the reviews as they equate to a medical claim. They also asked the company not to display lab reports. To be fair to Aura CBD they do have 3k likes on their Facebook page which is pretty impressive.

All CBD products sold by Aura CBD are claimed to be organic and lab tested, and although we haven’t seen the lab reports, they do appear to be so (we’ve mentioned why Aura don’t have reports on their site). We also appreciate that Aura CBD sell a CBD paste, as this is our preferred method of consuming CBD. They also sell CBD chocolate, which is definitely somthing we’d like to try.

What are the reviews like for Aura CBD?

Another thing to mention is that Aura CBD are a vegan friendly company and are a virtually zero waste company. They package everything in paper and only use recyclable packaging, impressive stuff!

Update for November 2020 – as of this month, we can now see that Aura CBD have created a Trustpilot profile, albeit very recently. You can see from the image below that currently there is only 1 review on their Trustpilot profile, which is 2 out of 5 stars. Not a great rating, but we hope to see the average rating of Aura CBD improve as they collect more reviews.

Unlike many of the CBD companies we review, Aura CBD actually provided a nice amount of details about their company on their website. We know that the company was founded in London in 2013 by a woman called Charlotte. The fact that the company has been around for 7 years is impressive for a CBD company, considering it is still a relatively new industry. The website details how Charlotte first used CBD in 2013 for her own wellbeing, and then saw such benefits that she decided to start Aura CBD. We love this story a lot!