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absolute cbd oil

30 day money back guarantee

Our ethos is to always provide all-natural, ecologically friendly, clean, 3rd party verified, accurately labeled premium quality CBD products to everyone.


Free shipping on all orders over $100!

Our mission is simple, provide only the best all-natural, unadulterated whole-plant full-spectrum CBD products to enhance the quality of life for our family, friends and customers. We feel that in this current “wild west” that the CBD industry has become, everyone deserves the right to have access to clean, quality, safe and honest CBD products. No hiding behind purposely misleading jargon, hiding ingredients, selling cash grab products with no efficacy, to the use of potentially harmful ingredients. “That is not us, and never will be.” We chose ethics over profit, as such we offer a hugely popular assistance discounts program for those who need CBD most. Add to that our open and transparent publicly published independent reporting for our customers peace of mind. We do things right, and we promise to always do our our absolute best.

No Preservatives, Additives, Colorings, Synthetics or Chemicals!

The ABSOLUTE Premium CBD oil is world-class high quality virgin CBD oil which is produced with hemp plants grown on in Nature Science organic permaculture farm in the rolling hills of Tuscany, Italy. This oil only use top grade cbd flowers for extra virgin oil extraction quality.

Our oils are cold-pressed from hemp plants, it means our products contain additional
cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and chlorophyll found naturally in the hemp plant for maximum benefit.


Reconnecting with nature using organic, raw and directly sourced ingredients to give our wellbeing a natural boost, creating minimum impact on our environment. We promote sustainable lifestyles that are eco-friendly. Together we are creating a greener, safer future!

Suggested Usage:
No risk of psychoactive effects, this product is not a medicine and can not be used as such. Pls refer to your doctor before usage always.

Half tube in the morning and half tube in the night after meal, apply on the affected area, topic use, out reach of children.

The cold sieving is done in a low temperature setting ( around 2c/ 35.6F ) to ensure
efficiency and reduce the possibility of contamination). Cold pressing maintains the balance expressed by the plant completely unchanged during maturation or tanning phase.